Incoming Minister of Economy Generates Trust in the Private Sector of El Salvador

Tharsis Salomón López (der.) Foto: FMLN.

Tharsis Salomón López (der.) Foto: FMLN.

The arrival of businessman Tharsis Solomon Lopez as incoming Minister of the Economy has generated great expectations among analysts and business people, because they see it as a sign of building good working relations between the new government and the private sector.

The continuity of businessman Carlos Caceres as Finance Minister also generates trust from the entrepreneurial class in El Salvador.

Lopez, former vice president of the Salvadoran Association of Industrialists (ASI), one of the unions which together with the ANEP (National Association of Private Enterprises) made sharp criticism of the Funes Administration, now will have in their hands the relevant Ministry of Economy.

And that, analysts say, is a plausible sign that Mr. Sanchez is trying to build a government of consensus to work shoulder to shoulder with the private sector in El Salvador.


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