Arrest Warrant Against Former President of El Salvador

Francisco Flores.

Francisco Flores.

El Salvador’s Attorney General Office issues an arrest warrant against Former President of El Salvador Francisco Flores.

Attorney General (AG) Luis Martínez explained that the former president has not yet been located, but said he has had talks with the Minister of Justice and Security , Ricardo Perdomo, about the “need ” to locate him immediately to prosecute him.

Martinez emphasized that the accused shall be guaranteed due process in the courts, and suggested that Mr. Flores voluntarily steps forward from wherever he is hiding to face the charges in the courts according to Salvadoran law.

In a national television interview “Frente A Frente”, the AG said that “no one could further delay this case due to the risk of prescription”. He also assured that this is a serious case, and his decision to prosecute Mr. Flores is not due to media or public pressure, though, he admitted he has received attacks, libel and slander for what the public perceives as “strange passivity” on the part of the AG on this particular case.

In the meantime ARENA has withdrawn from the case and undone any ties with Mr. Flores.


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