Immigrant Youth Take Over Rep. Issa’s Office For Attacking Dreamers

The Students Demand Democratic Leaders Protect Families.


WASHINGTON D.C. – In a day of action, dozens of immigrant youth from Texas, Arizona, California, New Mexico, North Carolina, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Wisconsin, Virginia, and Tennessee took over Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) congressional office, shaming him for his recent anti-immigrant attacks on DACA and Dreamers.

Afterward, Dreamers delivered a lawsuit to Speaker John Boehner, who’s lost control of his party to extreme right-wing members, yet wants to take power away from the President.

The group followed up by visiting Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s (D-FL) office, continuing our demand that she stand with immigrant families, and that supporting immigration reform which other Democrats themselves have admitted will not move is not enough. Talk is not enough; Dreamers demanded today that Democratic leaders take action to protect families.

Ramon Garibaldo, an undocumented Dreamer from North Carolina said,

“It’s clear that relief for our families is in the President’s hands, and that Republicans’ only answer to this moral crisis is to do nothing but deport Dreamers. We came today to let Rep. Issa know that Dreamers will not remain silent as he attacks DACA, our community’s first victory in decades, and a program that has provided more than 600,000 young immigrants with relief from deportation, a work permit, and a chance to fully contribute to this country.”

Miriam Zamudio, an DACAmented Dreamer from New Jersey, said,

“I’m here to fight back and tell Rep. Darrell Issa that, just like thousands of young immigrants and I fought for DACA two years ago, I will fight to keep it, and fight for my parents and family who do not currently benefit and have to continue living a life in fear of deportation.

“The Republicans have only taken steps back, and Democratic leaders like Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz have failed to stand with our families. She says that she’s a friend of the immigrant community, but how can she stand idly by as countless families are torn apart?”

“The President is out of excuses. Unless he moves now, families will continue being separated, and we will escalate and pressure Democrats until our families get the justice and dignity they deserve.”


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