Reflections on the “Hispanic Heritage Month” Celebrations Pachanga

By Roland Roebuck


Many years ago, when I was young and naive, I used to attend the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations, sharply dressed in my “own” tuxedo, shinned shoes and my well placed bow tie.

After a few years, I began to realize that my presence was giving credibility to an event that in reality did not improve the living conditions of millions of Latinos struggling to survive in this Demon-Cracy.

This PACHANGA, was in contradiction to my advocacy principles and militancy. It was clear that many of the so called Hispanic Leaders in attendance were the same individuals who were pimping the plight of our people for their own selfish purposes at the same time, claiming to represent ALL of us.

I requested from Corporations and National Hispanic Organizations, to stop sending me “last minute tickets to the event”. How can we describe this PACHANGATION? Well, it has become a FASHION SHOW, specially for the women who are very much aware that they can not wear the same dress two times in a row to this Pachanga, otherwise the Hispanic Chismosas, will activate their vicious tongues and begin the behind the scenes gossip.

For the Mucho Macho Men, it is an opportunity to share their glossy business cards, take selfies with the Power Brokers and impress the bored listener with their lame accomplishments.

It is mandatory that you smile and listen attentively to the President, specially if he shares a few words in Spanish. In addition, it is also a strategic gathering for securing benefits for ones family. ” Hey Peter (no one is Pedro, as this event) can you secure an internship for my son, his name is Johnny Sopla Pote Rodriquez” he is interested in up grading his resume” .

Although we know that Mariachi music can be boring unless you are drinking, it is also obligatory that you applaud them with gusto you also have an opportunity to practice your salsa steps, a very difficult task for those residing in the South.

The sharing of business cards is indeed a mandatory ritual. In addition, your must display with pride your Clairol part time blond wife in order to enhance your presence and status. It was very amusing to see the ladies suffering with their high heels at the Pachanga and at the end of the event pulling out their HUARACHES from their bags, in order to give their suffering toes a badly needed break. If you are honest, you should ask yourself, what is being accomplished at this event, besides “being there and being seen”.

On the other hand, the Congressional Black Caucus, a few days ago, conducted their Annual Legislative Conference, with many topics of substance impacting not only the Black community but the plight of Afro-Latinos as well.

I don’t believe that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has the cojones to organize such impacting forum. Has the Hispanic Congressional Caucus organized a similar event, no, because the priority is ORGANIZING THE PACHANGA a la, 5 de Mayo.

I am now impressed with the presence of certified Afro-Latinos at this event. I guess we have made much progress and I assume that the rest of the Hispanics now feel comfortable with their limited numbers.

Please don’t wonder about me and the fact that I don’t attend, it is a well calculated decision in order to maintain my integrity and ensure that I can write this type of note without any reservations nor being subjected to influencing relationships… QUE SIGA LA PACHANGA…

About Ramón Jiménez

Ramón Jiménez, actual Managing Editor de MetroLatinoUSA. Periodista que cubre eventos de las comunidades latinas en Washington D.C., Maryland y Virginia. Graduado de la Escuela de Periodismo de la Universidad del Distrito de Columbia. Galardonado en numerosas ocasiones por parte de la Asociación Nacional de Publicaciones Hispanas (NAHP) y otras organizaciones comunitarias y deportivas de la región metropolitana de esta capital. También premiado en dos ocasiones como Mejor Periodista del Año por la cobertura de la comunidad salvadoreña; premios otorgados por la Oficina de Asuntos Latinos del Alcalde de Washington (OLA) y otras organizaciones. Ha sido miembro del jurado calificador en diferentes concursos literarios, de belleza y talento en la región metropolitana. Ha visitado zonas de desastre en Nicaragua, Honduras y El Salvador e invitado a esos países por organizaciones que asisten a personas de escasos recursos económicos. Antes trabajó en otros medios de prensa de Virginia y Washington, D.C., incluyendo reportajes para una agencia noticiosa mundial.

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