A High Price

I’m old enough to remember Monday’s federal government shutdown.

So, as we close out a raucous week, happy Friday.

FRAMEWORK –The framework the White House released yesterday was described by USA Today: 1.8 million Dreamers on a path to citizenship; $25 billion on border enforcement; cut legal immigration by 25%; and reassign diversity lottery visas to family and high-skill backlogs before ending them altogether. Vox’s Dara Lind has a great explainer. And Cato reminds us why family immigration and the diversity lottery are good for America.

REACTION – MSNBC’s Benjy Sarlin noted, “Republicans and Democrats working on an immigration deal have warned that taking up legal immigration and other issues was likely a dealbreaker.” I would agree. This is not a centrist proposal. The White House is exacting a huge price for the protection of Dreamers. Trump may have realized this since he told CNBC from Davos he is, “willing to shift more.”

TIME TO LEGISLATE – Read up on House Judiciary Committee Chairman Goodlatte’s Securing America’s Future Act. When it comes to enforcement measures and massive cuts to legal immigration, Goodlatte’s bill provides a legislative vehicle for much of the White House framework. Watch for conservative opposition to the legislation as it resurfaces next week. More importantly, look to the “Two Group” and various constellations of Senate moderates to see how an actual compromise takes shape.

THE CLOCK – Is ticking as the March 5 deadline looms. The American Action Forumlays out why DACA recipients are critical to our economy. Politico powerfully presents the questions Dreamers are facing during this moment of uncertainty.

CALI-PUBLICANS – California Republicans are charting a different path when it comes to their immigration message – one that celebrates Reagan’s perspective on immigration and welcomes diversity. As Chad Mayes, a former Republican leader from the California State Assembly, put it, “The Republican Party cannot be the party of white people.”

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