Maduro gives US officials 72 hours to leave

Small group of pro-Maduro protesters gathered in fron of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washginton DC to denounce what they labed as intervencionism from United States.
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Washington (MLN) – After protesters took to the streets worldwide demanding Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro step down, and President Donald Trump’s recognized Venezuela’s newly appointed National Assembly President Juan Guaido, as the Caribbean nation’s interim head of state, Maduro administration announced breaking diplomatic ties and gave 72 hours for all US personnel to leave the country.

The catch is that according to Venezuela’s Constitution, Maduro is illegitimate and has no authority to act, or at least that’s what 13 other countries in the Western Hemisphere claim and support.

This is why a defiant Florida state Senator, Marco Rubio clearly stated Wednesday night and tweeted loud and clear to the Maduro administration that “U.S. diplomats in Venezuela should present their credentials to President Juan Guaido. Maduro has no authority to expel anyone. And trust me on this one, if Maduro is stupid enough to test President Donald Trump by harming any U.S. diplomat, the consequences would be swift & severe”.

While violence broke out in Venezuela where at least 17 people were killed during the daytime anti-Maduro protest on Wednesday, with figures confirmed by independent news outlets, in DC the protesters gathered around the Simon Bolivar statute located behind the Organization of American States to celebrate.

“Let´s not think that Juan Guaido is a false messiah or a magician. He needs the support of all Venezuelans, at least for this first step so he can reconstitute the institutions, and invigorate them, so we can start the reconstruction process of our economy, and Venezuela´s social  weave,¨said Antonio Ledezma, former Caracas Mayor and opposition leader as he took selfies with the crowds.  

The crowds literally went wild when President Donald Trump approximately at 2:00 pm made his announcement via a statement that was posted nearly immediately in President’s Trump Twitter account.

“The citizens of Venezuela have suffered for too long at the hands of the illegitimate Maduro regime. Today, I have officially recognized the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as the Interim President of Venezuela.”

But President Maduro still has his supporters in and outside the region. Among the countries that support the regime are Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Russia, Turkey and China. And respond will soon be heard of felt, after all it is an unprecedented situation, said Ledezma.

Despite the lack of clarity on how will the new interim president rule in regards to the financial matters in a the nation, and abroad, the Interamerican Development Bank head, Luis Alberto Moreno went ahead and expressed his will to work with Guaido “to insure the continuity of our support to the development of the Venezuelan people.”  

¨Today is a very important day for Venezuelans… Today Maduro´s criminal dictatorship has been toppled and his administration has reached its end. Today a new president has been sworn in, young, with a new energy and the humanity needed by  all Venezuelans for the reconstruction for our country,” said Jenny Marga La Rotta Moran, a Venezuelan protester in Washignton DC.

Meanwhile in another corner of Washington DC, approximately at 6:30 pm after all opposition protest had died out, a reduced group pro-Maduro of supporters also protested in front of the Venezuelan Embassy building in Georgetown.

Chanting mostly with a heavy English pronunciation “Maduro si, trump No…Hands off Venezuela“ protesters spoke of interventionism and rejected imperialism.

For David Barrow, a protester in front of the Venezuelan Embassy, the announcement was based on the classic United States interference in South America.

“…We have no business telling people in other countries what kind of government should have. Why don’t we take care of our people.  As a matter of fact, our government is dysfunctional, is not even working right now, and here we are telling the people of Venezuela to get rid of their government. Like we know what a good government is”, he told Metro Latino.

Barrows explained that he was not saying he totally approve of the government of Venezuela, simply that “we need to mind our own business. We made a mess  everywhere we go. Look at Iraq, look at Libya, we make a big mess. We don’t have a solution for anyone. We need to start taking care of our own people…”.

Venezuela an oil-rich nation has the highest hyperinflation in the world. Barely surviving the economic and political turmoil, the country is now on the verge of collapse. The average Venezuelan is either starving, dying from lack of medicines to treat preventable diseases or literally walking out on their country to survive. Crime has been used as a political weapon, now fueled by poverty, and is among the highest in the world. Over 3 million Venezuelans have fled the country flooding the region with a new type of refugees.

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