Joint Declaration of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras

The governments of the Republics of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, in view of the situation of irregular migration of children, adolescents and adults to the United States of America, reiterate their commitment and willingness to continue with their joint efforts, through their diplomatic and consular missions, of providing consular attention, protection, and assistance in order to ensure full respect of the principle for the best interests of the child, family unification due process.

The Governments of the Republics of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras condemn and reject those acts committed by any person who exposes the physical, mental and emotional integrity of minors in the context of irregular migration.

The Governments of the Republics of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras notify that, in view of the larger number of children and adolescents leaving to engage in an irregular migratory route where they are exposed to imminent dangers, they will request the competent judicial authorities of their countries to investigate and condemn criminal organizations engaged in the smuggling of migrants and trafficking of persons. We also request that the Government of the United States of America join in the investigation and prosecution of these cases.

In addition, the Governments strongly urge parents to avoid exposing their children to the risks involved in the irregular migratory journey by forcing them or giving their consent to become victims tf the crimes associated with irregular immigrations. We also want to inform our nationals that migrating with minors in an irregular manner does not guarantee their stay in countries of transit or destination; on the contrary, they are subject to deportation to their countries of origin.

Exposing the integrity of children and adolescents by using them to form human barriers or in any other situation must be subject of an investigation and is against the law.

The Governments of the Republic of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras undertake the commitment to promote the creation and strengthening of legislation to directly combat criminal acts such as trafficking of persons and smuggling of children and adolescents and other crimes associated with irregular migration, and to punish those who commit such crimes with the full force of the law.

Washington, D.C., April 3, 2019

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