April 15th – Dreaded Tax Day

It’s the most horrible time of the year…

The pollen is rising, and for those who suffer allergies it is hard, but for everyone the federal tax collectors are again knocking at our doors.  

Right now, from Alabama to Wyoming millions of US residents and citizens are going through their shoe boxes, searching for 990-INT and W-2 forms to complete their taxes.  However, this tax period is more painful than many others due to the endless propaganda we all received from the Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans.  According to theses sages of economic responsibility and conservatism the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was going to simplify how we paid taxes, lower the amount the average consumer paid and greatly stimulate the economy.  Well it is now April 12, 2019 and as I complete my taxes, I know it is a bunch of baloney.    

My tax bill has gone up from receiving a modest return last year to having to pay this year.  The main reason my federal tax bill has gone up is because of the limitation of state property and income tax deductions of only $10,000. Essentially, due to the Tax bill of 2017 all individuals that live in states that prioritize education and local government are being penalized and double taxed by the federal government. This putative policy against primarily Blue Statesis blatant and done in a completely vindictive way to provide bonus and benefits to corporations and individuals from Red States

So back to my tax bill, what exactly am I giving the Trump administration an additional $6,400 at the end of the year? Reflecting on the services of the government, there are a number of very admirable activities and work that helps people around the globe.  However, under this administration this work is being slashed whether it is addressing the effects of climate change or providing governmental aid to countries in the Northern Triangle region of Central America. While at the same time additional funds are used to subsidize defense contractors and boarder barrier construction. 

So, what am I receiving from the government at this very moment for the increase in taxes?  In looking at the spending priorities of the US federal government, what exactly are we paying for right now:

  • Paying for the largest military budget of the entire world 
  • Paying for Trump to spend weekends at his resorts to play golf
  • Paying to separate families at the border 
  • Paying to place asylum seekers in pens and camps in the desert and under highways
  • Paying for asylum seekers to be sexually assaulted by government contractors 
  • Paying for a wall, that Trump promised would have be paid by Mexico!
  • Paying for rich people to pay less taxes overall 

Remember, every time rich people celebrate a reform, we need to be suspicious of how this will affect the rest of society and with the latest tax bill this form of insatiable capitalism is not designed to level the playing field.  

This morning also I read the little story.

Around the table sat a young socialist, an Old Capitalist, and a little kid. 

On the table there was 20 cookies. 

The Old Capitalist took 19 cookies and the convinced the kid that the Young Socialist will steal the last cookie if he does not hurry and take it.

Guess who it is the capitalist in this story?  

Pay your taxes because maybe later something will be tweeting that socialist have all the responsibility for the crash of the economy later.

Pay your taxes today and start the reform and revolution on the April 16th

About Yenny Delgado

Yenny Delgado is a psychologist, theologian, development specialist, and political analyst. Follow @dc_yenny

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