Another Wave of Violence Against Honduran Population

Organized people helped lead a national strike in Honduras that successfully overturned the passage of a law intended to dismantle the public healthcare and education systems.

As El Salvador prepares for Nayib Bukele’s inauguration on June 1 — and the oligarchy’s return to the presidency — our thoughts turn to Honduras, where a powerful resistance movement has just defeated a law to privatize healthcare and education – but at enormous human cost.

In the final days of April, organized doctors and teachers helped lead a national strike in Honduras that successfully overturned the passage of a law intended to dismantle the public healthcare and education systems. 

The national strike was met by riot police, who attacked thousands of protesters. 

Throughout April, the right-wing regime of Juan Orlando Hernandez unleashed yet another wave of violence against the population. 

On April 11, Wilfredo de Jesús Moncada, a seventeen year old, died as the result of an attack by the Honduran National Police. Less than two weeks later, Junior Javier Rivas Rivas, a twenty three year-old youth leader and member of the LIBRE party, was shot ten times at the protest before his body was burned. 

These human rights atrocities are being paid for with U.S. tax dollars. We cannot allow the United States to continue supplying money and weapons to the Honduran regime. Will you call on Congress to halt police and military aid to Honduras?

Martin Pineda, from the Central American Resource Center of Los Angeles, was in Honduras with a delegation shortly before the attacks. According to Pineda, “[We have] witnessed first-hand the massive human rights violations and use of repressive weapons against women, men and children in Honduras.”

Take acton to stop U.S. funding for repression in Honduras!

It’s been over three years since Berta Cáceres, the Lenca environmental and indigenous rights activist, was assassinated in her home by assailants linked to the School of the Americas, a U.S. military academy in Fort Benning, Georgia where, for decades, Latin American military officers have been trained before going on to commit crimes against humanity. 

The Berta Cáceres Human Rights in Honduras Act was recently re-introduced by Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) to continue the call for justice for Berta Cáceres and the dozens of environmental and human rights activists who’ve been killed in Honduras since the 2009 coup. 

Rep. Johnson writes, “this bill makes sure we would immediately suspend U.S. aid that arms and trains the Honduran military and police until human rights defenders are protected and security forces are prosecuted for flagrant human rights violations […] The United States cannot continue to send financial aid to Honduras for military and law enforcement operations until this serious record of human rights violations are addressed.”

We cannot allow our tax dollars to continue to fund the murder of those resisting privatization in Honduras!

¡Wilfredo de Jésus Moncada, presente! ¡Junior Javier Rivas Rivas, presente!

The struggle continues,

CISPES (Committee of Solidarity With the People of El Salvador)


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