Flower Branch Three Years Later

Delegate Lorig Charkoudian, (D-20)

Three years ago today ( August 9th) we lost seven members of our community and many more were injured during the fatal gas explosion that took place at the Flower Branch apartment complex. 

“That night was the beginning of a never-ending nightmare filled with injustice and trauma.  Not only did we lose our loved ones and our homes but our community was treated as if we don’t matter,” said Kenia Mayorga Flores, Flower Branch Tenant. 

Last night Kenia and other survivors from the explosion were joined by elected officials and religious leaders in an emotional vigil that honored the victims. They shared their stories and everything they’ve had to endure since that fateful night. 

“I want to thank the courage of tenants who have raised their voices….we are going to make sure that those accountable will be held accountable,” said Delegate Lorig Charkoudian, (D-20).

On April 23rd the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) held a hearing where it was revealed that a failed gas regulator and unconnected vent line led to the explosion. 

Despite the results of the NTSB investigation, Washington Gas has chosen to continue to evade justice by drawing out the lawsuit brought by the tenant survivors as long as possible. Meanwhile, they have also filed a formal request to the Maryland Public Services Commission asking for a rate increase for their services to the area. The tenants feel devastated by this request after their negligence. 

Enough is Enough! Justice Must Be Served! 

Tell the Maryland Public Service Commission to launch an investigation into how Washington Gas is putting tenants at risk.

Stand with Flower Branch victims by signing our petition TODAY!

In solidarity,

Gustavo Torres,
Executive Director, CASA

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