Yesterday, I chose not to celebrate Thanksgiving

Yesterday, I chose not to celebrate Thanksgiving. I decided instead to reflect on the founding of this day and the actual history of the interactions between Natives Americans and European Invaders.

I know that for millions of US citizens, the concept and idea of being with family and friends and sharing a meal is a beautiful experience. However, before we get to caught up into this idea, we should be reminded that a group of undocumented English immigrants survived their first winter her to the accommodating actions and generosity of natives nations.

The celebration of this act of graciousness conceals the subsequent massacre committed against the Pequot people in 1637 by the same groups of people who received so kindly. 700 Americans (remember that the continent was named in 1507) women, girls, boys, and men of the Pequot people were brutally murdered by European Christians to take possession of their territories and there found the prosperous “New England”.

So whilst, yesterday millions remember through a bountiful table all of God’s provisions; we should also reflect on the suffering of Natives Americans and the high cost they paid in welcoming the stranger.

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Yenny Delgado is a psychologist, theologian, development specialist, and political analyst. Follow @dc_yenny

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