38% of Workers Feel Tech Creates Generational Divide, Yet Preferences May Be Closer Than Expected

Capterra’s global survey highlights generational tech preferences, indicating the need for customized strategies to bridge divides and find common ground in choosing effective workplace software.

ARLINGTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Generational differences are often cited as a significant challenge when it comes to business software and technology. Yet, findings from Capterra’s 2024 Generational Tech Preferences Survey of over 2,700 global employees suggest that common ground exists across all generations currently in the workforce. Despite 38% of workers feeling that technology exposes generational gaps, the survey reveals a shared priority for fast, user-friendly software provided with adequate training and support.

Among those that believe a divide exists, they point to different levels of familiarity with technology (74%) and a resistance to change (69%) as the primary causes. Recognizing these differences and embracing the similarities can pave the way for more inclusive tech adoption.

“It’s easy to get hung up on how older workers and younger workers differ when it comes to technology, but the truth is they have more in common than one might assume,” says Brian Westfall, principal HR analyst at Capterra. “The only major distinction between workers of different ages is when it comes to emerging technology, such as AI.”

Half of Gen Z and millennial employees think artificial intelligence (AI) would improve their work quality or productivity, compared to only 35% of baby boomer employees. Conversely, 53% of baby boomer employees say getting used to new technology is a challenge at work, compared to only 30% of Gen Z employees.

Westfall suggests, “Older workers may be less enthusiastic about emerging tech and less adept at using it right away. This speaks to the importance of providing good training materials and taking advantage of reverse mentoring programs so younger ‘champions’ of this tech can get older workers up-to-speed faster.”

Adopting new technologies means guiding all employees, including those less familiar, without attributing their hesitation to reluctance or fear of replacement. Capterra’s research reveals a cross-generational agreement on the value of tech advancements for productivity. With 55% wanting faster and more powerful devices at work, the underlying demand for efficient software and comprehensive training is clear.

However, with just 15% of respondents feeling their tech preferences are always considered when their employer makes a purchase, it’s vital for businesses to align technology choices with their workers’ needs. According to Gartner, employees that are satisfied with workplace applications are 1.6 times more likely to want to stay and grow in their current organizations.

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