Aloft Announces Launch of Revolutionary AI-Driven Image Analysis Feature in Toolkit

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIRealEstate–Aloft, a national leader in real estate appraisal technology, is excited to unveil a groundbreaking development: AI-Driven Image Analysis. Embedded in Aloft’s signature software product, Appraiser Toolkit™, this innovative feature marks a significant advancement in the standardization of quality and condition ratings in appraisal reports.

Adding the new AI-Driven Image Analysis feature to Appraiser Toolkit™ represents a major milestone for Aloft, demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to cutting-edge technology that advances and uplevels the appraisal industry. By providing recommended Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) quality and condition ratings, the robust math engine of Appraiser Toolkit™ now simplifies the comparison process between comparable properties and the subject property, offering one-click analysis that was previously unavailable.

The development of this feature was showcased by Aloft’s Chief Appraiser, Hansel Dobbs, in McKissock’s Pro Series Webinar last week, which highlighted the practical applications and benefits of this AI-driven tool in real-world appraisals.

Innovative Features and Benefits

Aloft’s new AI-Driven Image Analysis feature automates image analysis of both subject and comparable properties, providing appraisers with accurate, data-driven recommendations for UAD quality and condition ratings, significantly reducing analysis time and potential for error. Appraiser Toolkit™ is a testament to Aloft’s mission to revolutionize real estate appraisal, making it faster, more accurate, and less susceptible to revisions and other quality-related issues.

Quotes from Aloft Leadership

Avi Joshi, Aloft’s Head of Product, shared his enthusiasm for the new feature, saying, “This AI-Driven Image Analysis feature is a game-changer for real estate appraisers. It embodies our dedication to innovation and our commitment to empowering appraisers with technology that simplifies their work, enhances accuracy, and saves time. We are proud to lead the way in integrating AI into real estate appraisal, setting new standards for the industry.”

Travis Soukup, CEO of Aloft, added, “At Aloft, we are always looking forward to the future, seeking ways to advance the appraisal profession through technology. The launch of this AI-driven feature in Appraiser Toolkit is a significant step towards realizing our vision of a more efficient and reliable appraisal process. We are thrilled to offer this tool to our users and confident it will make a positive impact on their work.”

Experience the Difference with Aloft

Aloft invites appraisers to sign up for a free trial of the Appraiser Toolkit™ to experience the transformative power of AI-Driven Image Analysis firsthand. By integrating this technology, Aloft continues to lead the charge in propelling the real estate appraisal industry forward, providing appraisers with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving market.

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About Aloft

Aloft is at the forefront of revolutionizing the real estate appraisal industry with innovative solutions designed to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of appraisals. Backed by industry-leading investors such as Andreesen Horowitz and Fifth Wall, Aloft is empowering appraisers and enriching the real estate industry at large.

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