Cascade Opens Up Its New Strategy Execution Platform to Everyone to Help Navigate Recessions

The world’s leading Strategy Execution Platform declares 5-year strategic plans dead and launches a new product that shortens strategy cycles and enables fast adaptability

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cascade, the world’s #1 Strategy Execution Platform hosting strategies of behemoths like AstraZeneca, American Express, Porsche and Toshiba – announced the launch of their new platform with a free tier, forever.

“Organizations continue to think of strategy as an intellectual process monopolized by the C-Suite that spends months in boardrooms to come up with a 5-year plan, only to realize that the plan is no longer viable,” says Tom Wright, Founder & CEO of Cascade. “Corporate priorities, markets and business environments shift at the drop of a hat. And still, strategy hasn’t evolved at all.”

Cascade has significantly grown its presence in the North American and European markets in the past year post their USD$29M Series A and is ready to fix and evolve strategy execution.

Cascade’s customers have already seen millions of dollars in incremental revenue and profitability growth of up to 800% in less than a year. High-profile companies like McLaren, Johnson & Johnson, and Kier Group are using Cascade on a daily basis.

“With just 50% growth in sales this year, we grew profitability by 800% through continuous improvements to operational efficiency,” says Marius Turbatu, Corporate Development Director, eSky Group. “With Cascade, we are creating visibility, alignment and accountability and that’s why we think it is a perfect match.”

“Today marks a historic day for strategy. We’re fixing the traditional linear strategy process that is hurting businesses and economies,” says Karim Zuhri, GM & COO at Cascade. “To win at strategy, companies will have to develop an intuitive muscle for change – we’re calling it fast adaptability.”

Cascade wants to reach millions of users by 2025 and make its platform an exceptional accessory for every strategist, every leader, and every team member.

About Cascade

Cascade is the world’s #1 strategy execution platform that helps organizations across the globe transform their strategies into action and their visions into reality. Over 15,000 teams rely on our platform to plan, execute, measure and adapt their strategies, aligning teams to what matters most.

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Estefanía Alonso – Brand & Communications

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