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UWD Seeks to Educate 500,000 DREAMers about the New Relief Policy

In a telephonic press conference last week, leaders of the United We Dream Network (UWD), the largest network of immigrant-youth led organizations in the country, explained the next steps in their massive campaign to educate their communities about the process, the guidelines and documents needed to apply for “deferred action.” Cristina Jiménez, Managing Director, United We […]

When Immigration Enforcement Equals Inhumane Enforcement

Everyone knows our nation’s immigration policies need to be fixed.  But behind these failed policies are real human beings: those who make decisions about how to enforce the law, and those whose lives are affected by their decisions.  Two disturbing stories from this week show how bad decisions at the hands of the bureaucracy can […]

Blacks and Latinos Support Financial Reform

By Aracely Panameño The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) turned one year yesterday!  On the occasion of its birthday, AARP, Americans for Financial Reform, Center for Responsible Lending, and the National Council of La Raza jointly commissioned a national survey to find out likely voters’ attitudes towards financial reform and the new agency.  The survey […]

Improvements to the Visa System Move Forward in Senate

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowaon Wednesday removed his “hold” on legislation that would adjust the distribution of employment and family-based immigrant visas. The “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act,” H.R. 3012, passed the House of Representatives with overwhelming bipartisan support last November, but Sen. Grassley’s hold kept the bill from moving forward in the Senate. The legislation […]

The Non-Existent Problem of Non-Citizen “Voter Fraud”

Without much evidence to support their claim, legislators across the country have introduced a string of restrictive voter ID laws with the intention of curbing “voter fraud.” The only problem is that there is no problem. Election experts agree that modern-day voter fraud is a very rare occurrence in the U.S., leaving many to speculate […]

DREAMers’ Hopes on Display in New Online Feature

    While much of the reaction to President Obama’s June DREAMer protection announcement has focused on political implications and related public opinion, a new story and online feature in The Guardian (UK) focuses coverage on the most important aspect of the President’s announcement: the personal stories, aspirations, testimonials, and, yes, dreams of many young people directly […]

This week in immigration

Voter ID Laws Tackle Non-Existent Problem of Immigrant Vote Fraud It is election season and voter-fraud hysteria is in the air. A raft of restrictive voter ID legislation from coast to coast is aimed primarily at one imaginary problem: fraudulent voting by immigrants who are not U.S.citizens. Supporters of these laws like to pretend that […]

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