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GM impulsa importancia de STEM a hispanos

  Con motivo de la conmemoración del Mes de la Hispanidad, la firma automotriz General Motors (GM) apoyó la conferencia de Latino Magazine titulada “Nuestro Futuro: The Latino Education Conference”. El evento ofreció un importante foro para conectarse con líderes hispanos y seguir creando oportunidades para jóvenes de minorías interesados en forjar una carrera en el […]

Teach yourself to believe only that what is true to yourself

Enter your body text here.A friend of mine sent me this video. It illustrates the conversation I had with Santiago  Tavara yesterday…Here is the link. http://www.soulhangout.net/teach-yourself-to-believe-only-that-which-is-true-to-yourself/

Open Letter to my Tribe Members

An update of the results of a 2 year research, study and crafting the language of my vision  in the “New Economy” As a Business Model of the 21st Century.

The Dark Side of Sales. Only for Sales Professionals

I posted here last week a letter for sales professionals. After putting it through the editing screen of some friends, I got valuable critique. They said it was too long and not clear enough. I have edited it and shrank it in half its content.

If you are a sales professional and struggling with the traditional sales techniques, this article is for you. 

A Little Person’s Voice About Divorce, and the Hispanic Nannie, a Hero in the Shadows

Last week, somebody very close and very dear called me and told me that she had written a letter – Letters are powerful healing tools, for the giver and the receiver – she told me the story. Her brother in law had separated from his wife 3 months ago, and is now considering going back to his marriage.