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Statement by Chertoff on the No Match Regulation

President Bush made clear in August that we are going to do as much administratively as we can, within the boundaries of existing law, to further secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws. Today’s ruling is yet another reminder of why we need Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform.

Court’s “No Match” Decision is a Victory for all Workers

Today’s decision sends a clear message that punitive crackdowns that attempt to sidestep the law will not be tolerated.  Efforts to fix a badly broken immigration system must embody our good sense and our humanity.  We will not let an intolerant minority undermine the wellbeing of the majority. 

National-Louis University Announces a Landmark Project Focused on Recruiting and Retaining Latino Students

       National-Louis University has been a force for change in American education since its founding in 1886. Known for nearly a century as the National College of Education, it is still nationally renowned today not only for its programs in teacher preparation and educational leadership, but as one of the first universities to address the unique needs of adult learners. National-Louis pioneered accelerated education for

NHCC Releases Findings of its First Community Relations Benchmarking Study

Findings from the survey indicate that investment in communities where the company conducts business helps affect change that improves the vitality of communities and their residents. Best-in-class companies invest at levels to meet the strategic goals that effectively support non-profit organizations.

Progreso Hispano Empowers Immigrants Through Technology.

AT&T Foundation awards grant to League of United Latin American Citizens that funds immigration organization’s new community technology center.

U.S. returns pre-Columbian Mayan artifact to Guatemalan government

The pre-Columbian era refers to a period before Christopher Columbus’ arrival to the Americas. The artifact, which is about 30 inches high and weighs about 50 lbs., has an estimated value of $20,000 and dates back to between 200 and 800 A.D.

Statement by the Press Secretary Regarding U.S. Trade with Costa Rica

 "If the free trade agreement is rejected, the United States will not renegotiate the agreement signed by the Government of Costa Rica as it is part of an agreement with a broad group of Central American countries. The United States has never renegotiated a free trade agreement that has been approved by the Congress."

$17.2 Million Awarded in Grants to Hispanic-Serving Institutions

U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings announced on Tuesday the award of 30 new grants totaling $17.2 million to benefit colleges and other postsecondary schools that enroll a high percentage of Hispanic students.

US Senators want 2.5 billion for Latin America

Currently, 40 percent of the population in Latin America lives below the poverty line. The 10 year, $2.5 billion proposal introduced today focuses on the reduction of poverty, expansion of the middle class, and investment in key development areas, such as education, healthcare, and housing in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Leader and Senior Lieutenant of Arellano-Felix Organization Plead Guilty to Criminal Charges

Francisco Javier Arellano- Felix, the former leader of the deadly and violent narcotics trafficking Arellano-Felix Organization (AFO), and one of his senior lieutenants, Manuel Arturo Villarreal-Heredia, have pleaded guilty to criminal charges, the Department of Justice announced Monday.

Spellings hits the road for “No Child Left Behind”

Highlighting No Child Left Behind as Congress Acts on its Renewal.  U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings today announced plans to hit the road for a No Child Left Behind bus tour through the Midwest.  Engaging administrators, teachers, parents and students, Secretary Spellings underscored the importance of preserving NCLB’s core principles as lawmakers pave the way for reauthorization this year.