Charges Dismissed for the CASA 7

Photo: courtesy of CASA

The Office of the State Attorney presiding over the August 22 Annapolis criminal district court docket rightfully dismissed all charges in the case where seven activists from immigrant advocacy organization CASA were arrested for calling for access to healthcare outside of the Annapolis Statehouse in April.

Held on one of the last days of the Maryland legislative session, over one hundred activists from CASA, as well as coalition partners, gathered for a rally for the Access to Care Act. At the end of the event, police arrested seven CASA activists as they stood at the steps of the statehouse holding a banner with the message, “Healthcare is a human right.”

The activists, or the “CASA Seven” as they have been called by many, highlighted the stories of Marylanders who have passed away or suffered severe health conditions – and would benefit from this bill. Read more here about «The Case of the CASA 7 Arrested for Immigrant Access to Healthcare!»

Even after the strong fight CASA members led to get access to healthcare for immigrants in Maryland, many still do not have healthcare as the Access to Healthcare bill was not passed. CASA members and immigrants across Maryland need and deserve access to healthcare, and with your help, we and our coalition partners will not stop fighting until we’ve won!

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