China Aollywood Investment Holding Group was Established with Haige Wang as Chairman

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On June 6, the eve of the third anniversary of Aollywood’s establishment, the Aollywood Group announced that Haige Wang was appointed as the Chairman and Global CEO of China Aollywood Investment Holding Group, and is responsible for the overall development of its global business.

As the helmsman of Aollywood Group, Haige Wang announced recently that he will step down as the Chairman of the Huading Awards within the year , and will personally serve as the Chairman and Global CEO of China Aollywood Investment Holding Group, which is expected to focus more on the development of Aollywood in Europe, the United States and other markets in the future. As the general manager of Aollywood, Haige Wang will coordinate the company’s operations, including global strategy, commercialization, strategic partnership building, investment, legal, public affairs, public relations, finance and human resources, as well as the overall coordination of the company’s products, operations, marketing and content cooperation.

In June 2020, driven by the moderately diversified development of Macao’s economy, Haige Wang, as one of the sponsors, founded the Aollywood Group and was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The newly established China Aollywood Investment Holding Group is the investment and operation body of Aollywood Group. Several businesses of Aollywood Group, including Aollywood Awards Season, World Film Industry Conference and Nezha Youth Short Film Competition, are promoted and incubated by Haige Wang. In the letter to Aollywood Group staff, Haige Wang said, » Aollywood has grown rapidly over the past three years. Through the challenges of the epidemic, we have grown from a creative idea to an Asian platform providing multiple products and services to global filmmakers, companies and users. We have encountered many challenges along the growth path, and these challenges require more changes in the way our company is organized.»

Haige Wang is the founder of the Huading Awards, Aollywood, and the World Film Industry Conference, and has also held important leadership positions in these important organizations to promote Chinese films to the world. He has been named by the New Era International Film Festival as one of the «100 Filmmakers with Outstanding Contributions» in China in the past 100 years, and his outstanding achievements have been reported by important media at home and abroad for many times. As one of the pioneers and leaders in the domestic film and television industry, Haige Wang, who is also an internationally renowned filmmaker, is now the Chairman and Global CEO of China Aollywood Investment Holdings Group, reflecting a signal that Aollywood’s business has reached a critical moment.



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