CHLI Congratulates MundoFOX

 The Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI) congratulated Hernan Lopez, President & CEO of Fox International Channels & National Geographic Channels, as he leads the company in the launch of MundoFOX, a new Spanish-language broadcast network.

«We founded CHLI on the principle that Hispanics’ diverse points of view called for new and different forums to promote the richness of our diversity. On behalf of the CHLI Board of Directors, I congratulate Hernan Lopez for his vision and leadership. We look forward to the addition of rich programming that showcases Hispanics throughout the country,» stated former US Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart, CHLI founder and Chairman.

Fox International Channels and RCN, a Latin America media company, launching MundoFOX from Los Angeles, California demonstrates the significance of the Hispanic market as an audience and consumer base.

«We also congratulate CHLI Board Member, Ivette Fernandez, News Corporation’s Director of Community Affairs, as she assists in the launch of MundoFOX and promotes the richness of the Hispanic community,» added Mr. Diaz-Balart.

For more information on MundoFOX and its August 13th launch, please visit

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