Chorus by ZoomInfo Releases New Generative AI Solution That Eliminates Drafting Follow-Up Emails

More Than 2.3 Million Meeting Summaries Generated Since Post-Meeting Briefs Was Introduced in May

VANCOUVER, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$ZIZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI), the go-to-market platform to find, acquire, and grow customers, today announced a powerful new generative AI tool within Chorus, its conversation intelligence solution, that automatically drafts follow-up emails after meetings, saving time and effort for revenue teams.

The new generative AI follow-up emails, an extension of ZoomInfo’s previous work turning meeting transcripts into millions of actionable post-meeting memos, are part of several new Chorus features and product highlights aimed at simplifying workflows.

Automated Follow-Up Emails Simplify Communication

ZoomInfo’s latest application of generative AI technology means that meeting organizers no longer have to sift through extensive notes and craft follow-up emails to keep projects and people aligned. Instead, Chorus can automatically convert notes and action items from the meeting into ready-to-send email drafts, making post-meeting communication with stakeholders easier and more efficient.

For example, at the close of a meeting between two companies discussing a pending deal, Chorus’ generative AI follow-up email summary would include:

  • A simple, customizable email draft addressed to everyone who attended the meeting
  • Details of discussions throughout the call
  • A list of next steps for both sides to help bring the deal to a close

Additionally, integrating Chorus with Zapier enables straightforward and seamless workflows – known as Zaps – connecting Chorus with apps such as Confluence, Asana, or Zoho. This integration helps users centralize their workflow within a single app and eliminates the need to invest in additional, costly software.

And with the Chorus app for Slack, users can enter a simple command to easily publish meeting summaries and follow-ups to any channel, fostering one-stop collaboration among teams. More than 20 percent of users have already adopted Chorus meeting summaries within Slack.

Post-Meeting Briefs Enable Sales and Marketing Teams to Focus on Growing Revenue

Since its introduction in May, Chorus users have relied on the post-meeting briefs feature to produce more than 2.3 million generative AI meeting summaries. These briefs have directly improved efficiency for customers who are no longer burdened by the cumbersome task of note-taking and identifying important action items from a call.

“Our entire organization is obsessed with the AI summary that Chorus offers,” said Kyle Janus, Marketing Operations Manager at Brandlive. “Instead of re-watching the entire call, we can get an immediate overview of what was discussed and, most importantly, what those action items were, which has saved countless hours. We’re progressing deals forward more quickly and we’re looking like rockstar note-takers and dedicated client-facing individuals, whether in sales, marketing, or customer service.”

Enhanced Automatic Speech Recognition Accuracy Optimizes Decision-Making

Enhancements to Chorus’ automatic speech recognition (ASR) capabilities mean Chorus can now transcribe calls significantly faster without sacrificing accuracy. A third-party analysis performed by speech-to-text platform Rev found Chorus’ ASR reliability to be approximately 20% more accurate than ZoomInfo’s competitors.

This means revenue teams using Chorus benefit from enhanced team performance, maximized revenue potential, improved strategic decision making, and optimized go-to-market motions.

“These Chorus innovations, powered by generative AI, are ushering in the next generation of getting deals done,” said Dominik Facher, Chief Product Officer at ZoomInfo. “Revenue teams that tap into cutting-edge solutions like Chorus are already elevating their efficiency and productivity, allowing them to focus on what’s most important: generating revenue.”

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