CORRECTING and REPLACING Leaf Trade and Sweed Announce Transformative Merger Creating a Fully Integrated Solution for Cannabis Operators


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Leaf Trade, the leading wholesale cannabis marketplace in the U.S. with nearly $3 billion in annualized orders, announces its merger with Sweed, the cannabis industry’s leading all-in-one retail operating platform. The merger provides groundbreaking technological solutions transforming wholesale and retail operations for multi-state cannabis operators (MSOs) and dispensary groups with multiple locations solving industry-wide operations challenges. The combined platform will enable businesses to manage their entire retail operations in a single place.

With Sweed, Cannabis businesses own their consumers through a private-label eCommerce experience, in-store kiosks, and native apps. They do not have to share their customer’s data with other conglomerates.

Sweed is built on a proprietary data engine that allows cannabis operators to transform their cross-channel eCommerce, marketing, and loyalty programs into truly data-driven solutions increasing efficiency and monetization. Sweed streamlines retail operations and saves cannabis companies a significant amount of time and money.

Technology like this was previously only available to businesses focused on software development at scale but with the Leaf Trade and Sweed partnership it will be available for all cannabis businesses within retail and wholesale at a fraction of the cost.

“We’ve always sought out like-minded partners looking to empower the cannabis space by easing the main friction points within the customer experience,” said JAMES YI, CEO of the combined companies. “Merging with Sweed delivers reliable and easy-to-use POS solutions that create a complete, vertically integrated, model for cannabis operators. The consolidated Leaf Trade, Sweed platform realizes the much-needed ability to streamline the flow of catalog, inventory, and order transaction data across wholesale and retail segments, setting the stage for data-driven product order procurement and fulfillment automation.”

The combined Leaf Trade and Sweed platform provides a comprehensive technology suite for its largely MSO clients. This game-changing solution for fully integrated cannabis companies enables the scaling of wholesale and retail operations while creating a better customer experience. “The cannabis tech landscape is extremely fragmented. Sweed solves this with a true all-in-one retail platform, and this merger with Leaf Trade brings the industry’s only B2B2C offering to the market. Together our offering is uniquely positioned to provide retailers with intelligent forecasting that leverages wholesale and retail insights,” said ROCCO DEL PRIORE, Co-Founder of Sweed.

“The industry spends 40% of its time working to integrate systems and improve how to get our technology platforms to connect,” said JOHN BROWN, Chief Information and Technology Officer, of Holistic Industries, which owns several dispensaries and several cultivation facilities. “Leaf Trade’s wholesale operations technology has improved our efficiency, and we’re looking forward to learning more about how this merger can streamline and fully integrate our tech stack as one resource, significantly optimizing our operations.”

About Leaf Trade

Leaf Trade is a technology company driving the future of business operations in the cannabis sector as a trusted partner to the largest cultivators and brands across over 25 markets, including the majority of the enterprise multi-state operators. Leaf Trade leverages technology to streamline business operations throughout the entire ordering, payment, advertising, and post-sale reporting process, giving business partners the powerful tools they need to grow, excel, and scale in the highly regulated and increasingly competitive cannabis industry.

About Sweed

Sweed is a technology company whose private label platform provides point of sale (POS), inventory management, eCommerce, in-store kiosks, last-mile delivery, analytics, loyalty, marketing, and payments. The platform specializes in serving dispensaries with multiple locations and vertically integrated cannabis companies. Sweed engages customers in feature development partnering with their internal technology teams to quickly solve their key operational challenges.


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