Democratizing Philanthropy Project Announces Vivian Chang as Interim Executive Director

Longtime champion and Board Member will guide DPP through this critical U.S. political year and prepare the organization for its next growth stage.

OAKLAND, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Democratizing Philanthropy Project, which shifts power to chronically underfunded, historically excluded frontline organizations, announced today that longtime funder, board member, and catalyst Vivian Chang has been named Interim Executive Director. Chang will hold this position for at least 18 months to ensure consistent leadership and guidance through this critical 2024 U.S. presidential election year.

Chang assumed her new role in January 2024 after DPP publicly announced that Kina Collins, prior Executive Director, would step down to pursue a Congressional seat in her hometown of Chicago, IL.

“Vivian has believed in and invested in the Democratizing Philanthropy Project from the very start,” noted Iara Peng, founder and Board Chair of DPP. “Having her move into this critical leadership role is a clear and compelling validation of what we’ve built and a reminder of what is possible for democratizing philanthropy for communities who haven’t had equitable access to financial resources.”

While Chang will take on the Executive Director role, she will continue to advise the Susan Sandler Fund—an important role she has held for many years—to honor Susan’s life and legacy.

“There are too few organizations focused on the financial health of our movements and on the revenue models that power our work,» added Chang. “I can’t see any other path more perfect for me as we move forward in scaling its contribution to movements.”

Chang entered the movement as a young second-generation Asian American in the fight for justice for garment workers. As she shared recently with the DPP community, “We gave what we could, leveraged our consumer power to boycott big label manufacturers, put our bodies on the picket lines. We were small-dollar donors and so much more. We were a movement of young people committed to changing that industry. This is the promise that I see with DPP: to generate small dollar revenue while simultaneously broadening the movement.”

Since 2022, DPP has helped over 50 organizations raise millions of dollars from everyday people who are moved by the impact of these organizations. Participant organizations learn to build a trusted network of engaged activists and a durable base of power and funding between election cycles.

“2024 will need us more than ever,” added Peng. “As we prepare to enter a U.S. presidential election year, in which democracy and philanthropy will both be under pressure, we must fully lean into this work. I am incredibly excited by the bold leadership Vivian Chang has shown since the very early days of this effort. Having her lead us through this important next year is exciting and empowering to our mission.”

“As we’ve seen election after election, revenue is critical to long-term power-building. With the impact we’ve experienced in this short time, the Democratizing Philanthropy Project is at an inflection point and ready for the next chapter of growth,” concluded Chang.

About Democratizing Philanthropy Project

Democratizing Philanthropy Project gives organizations addressing the systemic issues facing our nation the ability to build a powerful, lasting revenue stream and network of engaged activists and donors they can rely on. DPP ​helps organizations test out and build new approaches to earning revenue, ensure organizations have more power, have more flexibility in how to spend those resources, and respond more nimbly and rapidly to critical needs as they emerge; expands the small donor apparatus to grassroots, nonprofits, historically excluded frontline organizations; and convert national interest in racial and social justice into long-term financial strength for chronically underfunded and historically neglected organizations. Learn more at


Jessie Hankins, Program Director

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