Drone Attacks on Moscow Follow Russian Airstrikes on Kyiv

Photo: courtesy of Democracy Now!

Russia has unleashed its largest drone attacks on Ukraine’s capital Kyiv since the start of its invasion 15 months ago. Ukraine’s military says it shot down most of the Iranian-made drones launched at Kyiv by Russia. Dozens of explosions and frequent air raid sirens throughout the weekend sent civilians running for cover; thousands of people spent the weekend sheltering inside Kyiv’s subway stations. At least two people were killed and several others injured by falling debris from downed drones.

Meanwhile, Russian officials say eight Ukrainian drones reached Moscow earlier today and were intercepted by Russian air defenses. At least two of the drones reportedly crashed into residential apartment towers but caused no injuries.

Russia’s Defense Ministry called it a “terrorist attack.” Elsewhere, an anti-Kremlin paramilitary group said it had carried out another cross-border attack from Ukraine. The group includes self-avowed neo-Nazis.

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