Elevate Windows & Doors: Building the Exact Windows Needed to Exacting Standards

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–“Every day is a new day. It is better to be lucky, but I would rather be exact. Then when luck comes you are ready,” said Ernest Hemingway. In the window and door industry, exactness counts.

Elevate Windows & Doors manufacture their windows to exacting specifications and their standards meet or exceed those of the new EnergyStar requirements. They recently expanded their Texas operations from over 122,000 square feet and are currently at 314,000 square feet of space. In addition, they have expanded their staff and improved their manufacturing capabilities using automation.

“Elevate is fortunate in that being ready and positioned is a part of our company culture,” said James Gresham, co-owner of Elevate Windows & Doors, LLC, based in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Several new lines of products have been introduced that are appropriately designed for whichever region they are intended for. Elevate windows are Energy Star 7 compliant for the Southern, South-Central, and North-Central Zones. The Inspire Plus and Inspire Star series have been added to the Elevate product portfolio to reflect this compliance.

“Of particular note in our revised manufacturing facility is our tempering line,” Jim Robinson, co-owner of Elevate Windows & Doors, said. “It allows us to be vertically integrated by making our own tempered glass which will dramatically drive down the cost of any window that is near a door or in a door or near a bathtub in a home.”

Other equipment on the line includes fabrication centers with multiple functions, such as cutting and punching parts all in one machine. This improves efficiency as well as quality, Mr. Robinson added.

“We were just about the only manufacturing company on the Dallas 100,” Staci Belew, Director of Sales of Elevate Windows & Doors, said. “We see this as a plus in the marketplace because we not only understand window and door specifications, we understand the whole of the building structure and the process of building residential structures.”

Elevate Windows & Doors, LLC, is one of the top manufacturers of contemporary, energy-efficient windows and doors for the residential housing market. Headquartered in Grand Prairie, Texas, they are a Dallas 100 winner. The key to their success is producing a well-designed product, delivered on time, and packaged with exceptional customer service.


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