Federación Americana Para los Niños Helps Expand Opportunities with Hispanic Leaders 

LAS VEGAS, NV- The American Federation for Children (Federación Americana para los Niños por siglas en español) hosted last week the Hispanic Leaders in Education Program conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

Seeking to expand the K-12 school choice movement and improve education for minorities across the United States, the Hispanic Leaders in Education Program is developing ambassadors across the country who support quality public and private educational choice programs that promote successful outcomes for students and families.

Historically, Latinos and families of color have been bound to failing schools because of socioeconomic disparities, suffering in an education system marred with low academic expectations, lack of instructive support, overcrowding, and even cultural deficiencies. These systemic inequities have pushed Hispanic students below the national average rate for high school graduation, with only 19 percent of Latino adults obtaining at least a bachelor’s degree.

“School choice is rapidly becoming a household initiative opening doors for students and families across this great country,” said Valeria Gurr, Senior Fellow at the American Federation for Children, and founder of Federación Americana para los Niños. “With report after report pointing to historical inequities in the classroom and unprecedented achievement gaps for Latino and Black students, our leaders came to work on crucial advancements for every child to have a meaningful chance at a quality education.”

From September 5-7, Hispanic leaders gathered for impactful breakout sessions, networking, and getting equipped with the tools necessary to expand education opportunities.

According to the latest NAEP scores, Hispanic 4th-grade students are almost two years behind in reading at the national level. Hispanic Leaders in Education are here to bring school choice to their states and remove the educational gaps that have been impacting underrepresented students for so long.

Thanks to this program, Latino leaders are now equipped with essential resources to not only help these struggling students but also to inform and advocate for policy initiatives that will expand access for all students, no matter their background or socioeconomic status.

“This year, from Florida to Utah and Texas to Nebraska, we saw great gains in the school choice movement. This week, our leaders came together motivated to continue working hard to expand options and unleash more opportunities for thousands more students. We look forward to continuing motivating communities across the U.S. and rolling up our sleeves for positive education reforms that will make the American Dream attainable for every child,” Gurr added.

For more information or to join the Hispanic Leaders in Education Program, visit: https://www.federationforchildren.org/hispanic-leaders-in-education/.

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