GreenPan Partners With EARTHDAY.ORG to Plant Over 10,000 Trees in Tanzania Throughout the Month of April

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GreenPan, award-winning inventors of PFAS-free ceramic nonstick cookware, is once again partnering with EARTHDAY.ORG to plant one tree per order purchased on their website ( throughout the month of April. This partnership is one slice of GreenPan’s overall Earth Month efforts to further their sustainability mission while encouraging customers to pursue healthier and more earth-friendly practices in the kitchen.

GreenPan is participating in EARTHDAY.ORG’s 2024 The Canopy Project® which plants trees in Tanzania. For every order placed during the month of April, GreenPan will plant one tree. The goal is to plant over 10,000 trees throughout the month. Last year’s efforts resulted in the planting of 10,000 mangrove trees The Gambia.

The main goal of this year’s project is to restore buffer zones in Mahale Mountains National Park through tree planting on degraded buffer areas to protect park ecology and to improve the livelihood of small scale-farmers on select smallholder farms.

“We are thrilled to be a global partner for EARTHDAY.ORG’s Canopy Project. Since our company’s inception, one of our core missions is sustainability. We are dedicated to planting as many trees as possible in Tanzania and do our part to help reforestation.” -Jacob Maurer, chief executive officer, The Cookware Company USA, makers of GreenPan.

Through EARTHDAY.ORG, tree planting projects take place in communities challenged by the impacts of climate change and deforestation—often drought, floods, landslides, hurricanes or forest fires—with resulting food insecurity and community destabilization. Each project includes community training and education to ensure long-term tree survival and to build sustainable economies for people most in need.

“The Canopy Project is bringing hope back to communities who want to see trees thriving once again on their farms, parks, and around their homes. It is, probably out of everything that we do at EARTYHDAY.ORG, the simplest and yet the most satisfying work. We want to make the planet greener—so whether you cover the cost of planting one tree or 1000—please know that we appreciate your support, and it matters. Thank you!” -EARTHDAY.ORG

The Tanzania project will take place in the Mahale Mountains National Park, which is one of the only three protected areas for Chimpanzees in Tanzania. It lies on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika. The Park harbors the world’s largest protected population (approx. 700-1000) of eastern subspecies of Chimpanzee known as Pan troglodytes schweinfurthiias. It is also home to yellow baboons, blue monkeys, red colobus, pied colobus, vervet monkeys and several other primates, as well as 337 bird species. EARTHDAY.ORG partnered with a local community organization, Friends of Lake Tanganyika to ensure the project is locally driven and supported.


Founded in 2007, GreenPan™ was the first cookware company to introduce the world to ceramic nonstick cookware. An award-winning Belgian cookware and small electrics brand with an international reputation for being the best in the industry, GreenPan’s signature Thermolon™ coating is manufactured without the use of PFAS, PFOA or any of the other toxic chemicals used to make traditional nonstick pans and nonstick small appliances. GreenPan owns their own factories, allowing them to control each part of the manufacturing process. A few ways they focus on sustainability are: they use recycled materials, their curing phase creates 60% less CO2, recycle water when possible, operate on 47% renewable energy, use more sustainable packaging materials, and offer a way for customers to recycle their old cookware. For more information and to learn more about their sustainability mission, visit their website:


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