¿How Do You Honor a Legacy?

Photo: courtesy of CASA

Yesterday, as you celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., perhaps you also saw CASA’s Instagram post or you saw on social media that

#NoCelebrationWithoutLegislation was trending online.

The #NoCelebrationWithoutLegislation hashtag called for the country to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy by calling on Congress to pass two comprehensive voting rights bills—the the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Amendment. How do you honor those who leave legacies in the history books and in our lives?

Two weeks from today, CASA will kick-off a month-long celebration of Black history for Black History Month. In conjunction with the nation-wide celebration of Black history during the month of February, we’ll be uplifting the stories of Black CASA members. Make sure you’re following CASA on social media so you don’t miss these stories.

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Black History Month shines a nation-wide spotlight onto the contributions of Black people in America. We see those contributions unfolding before our eyes carried out by CASA members—from advocating for legislation in local legislatures to showing up for mass demonstrations for immigrant rights. CASA members know that the liberation of immigrants everywhere is tied to the full liberation of Black people.

We look forward to continuing the fight for racial justice and celebrating with you, next month and everyday.


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