Indigenous People’s Day: Miguel’s Climate Journey

This Indigenous People’s Day we wanted to share with you the incredible story of Miguel Mancio. Miguel is a father from an indigenous community in Mexico who has faced the daunting challenges of climate change head-on.

As a farmer, his and his family’s main source of income is agriculture, which is being greatly impacted by the climate crisis. His life changed forever after a climate-induced water shortage, and he decided to leave his home and country for a better life for his family.

We invite you to watch this inspiring video, not only to gain a deeper understanding of the human stories behind the climate crisis but also to reinforce our commitment to addressing climate change and its impacts.

Click Here to Watch Miguel’s Story

From farming to migration, Miguel’s life took an unexpected turn due to climate-induced challenges, and his story highlights the sacrifices parents make for their children’s future.

Many families are forced to migrate due to the challenges posed by climate change. So Miguel shares his story to push for urgent action that could have kept his family together, and hopes you also share his story, to raise awareness about this critical issue.

Thank you for your continued dedication to CASA’s mission and for your support in sharing stories like Miguel’s that remind us of the importance of bringing climate justice for all.

In Solidarity,

Gustavo Torres,

Executive Director, CASA








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