Key Thought Leaders & Business Experts Launch Premium Community to Help Brands and Entrepreneurs Unlock the Business of Web3

Members who purchase one of only one thousand NFT passes will gain access to one year of “alpha” content, insights, networking and events

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Six leading edge business experts and former advertising executives today launch the Alpha Collective, a premium community with the mission of helping brands and entrepreneurs unlock the full potential, value and opportunities in the business of Web3.

Web3 – a technological and cultural movement that aims to bring decentralization and democratization to the next generation of the internet – promises to reinvent entire industries, change the nature of business, and transform the ways in which brands engage with consumers, communities, creators and collectors.

Memberships to the Alpha Collective will be sold in the form of NFT ‘passes’ that grant members access to one year of exclusive “alpha” content, insights, networking opportunities and in-person events.

Passes go on sale March 15, 2022, starting at 1 ETH each. Passes can be purchased with Ethereum or by credit card with traditional currency at

“As brands leap blindly into Web3 with NFT projects, metaverse land grabs, and even startup acquisitions, they run the risk of making the same kinds of mistakes they made when they transitioned into the Web 2.0 era. With Alpha Collective, we aim to provide business leaders and entrepreneurs with the essential, early intelligence they need (aka ‘alpha’) to get it right this time,” says Joseph Jaffe, Alpha Collective co-founder.

The Alpha Collective promises to unpack the latest developments in Web3 in a way that is meaningful and relevant to business decision-makers by offering real-time insights into strategies, techniques and case studies, while ensuring that the next generation of businesses are built on a solid foundation of strategy, operations and leadership fundamentals.

“We’ve seen this record play out time and time again,” said Faith James, Alpha Collective co-founder, “I don’t have time, Tell me what I need to know, I don’t want to make the same mistakes again, I don’t want to be left behind, Help me make sense of all of this! We are here to make sure this time the record in question is not a broken record, but breaking records in business, brand and bottom line key performance metrics.”

Three initial benefits are immediately available to members:

  1. Alpha Talks – An unprecedented offering of 52 Alpha Talks across 52 consecutive weeks, led by best-selling authors, keynote speakers, influencers and subject matter experts like David Meerman-Scott, Mitch Joel, Brittany Hodak, Mike Lipkin, Jory Des Jardins, Iris Nevins, Bruce Turkel, Surina Jindal and more to be announced.
  2. Alpha Connections – Access to a private online community for networking, AMA’s, Office Hours, and collaboration; and,
  3. Alpha Events – Invites to IRL events because, to quote Alpha Collective co-founder, Brian Fanzo, “a handshake and a hug will always take precedence over any virtual interaction.”

The 4 founders of the Alpha Collective are experienced business leaders, each with a proven track record in helping businesses and brands anticipate and act on the shifts from analog to digital, and from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 – and are now doing the same to personally and professionally embrace the transition to Web3. The founders are:

  • Joseph Jaffe – 5x author, keynote speaker, adjunct professor, and host of the “Joseph Jaffe Is Not Famous” daily talk show
  • Faith James – 2x author, former ad woman, Fortune 500 Brand Strategist and host of the “Brand Momentum Morning Show”
  • Greg Verdino – futurist, leading global expert on business transformation, 2x author, and former marketing and technology company executive
  • Jason Maestas – Web3 community engagement expert, Head of Community at Metatheory, formerly community head at and Twitch, and


  • Brian Fanzo – Keynote speaker, NFT expert and host of “NFT 365” podcast
  • Gregarious Narain – serial entrepreneur, founder of Zealous, and host of the “Created Economy” show

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Amiee Watts,, 973-615-1683

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