Marsha P. Johnson Institute Celebrates Pride Month With a Revival of Love

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#LGBTQ–At a time when anti-trans legislation and hateful rhetoric continue to reach historical highs, the Marsha P. Johnson Institute (MPJI) today announced an urgent petition and series of events to celebrate Pride 2023, enveloped in the theme A Revival of Love.

This year’s theme revolves around the necessity of self-love and collective love; MPJI aims to celebrate the power of love that transcends biological ties and embraces the beauty of authentic connections within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

“Now more than ever, we have to prioritize our health, our love for ourselves,” said MPJI Founder & CEO Elle Moxley. “By doing so, we lay the foundation for healthy and loving relationships with others, ultimately contributing to a more positive and compassionate collective. MPJI believes that love has the power to unite and uplift communities, and this year, we aim to highlight its transformational promise.”

In the vein of self-love, MPJI has launched a petition with an ambitious goal of 100,000 signatures to fight the ongoing anti-trans legislative and cultural movements across the US. More than 541 anti-transgender pieces of legislation have been introduced across 49 states this year, with nearly 70 percent actively progressing through legislatures. These bills represent a dangerous attack on the rights and dignity of transgender people, particularly Black transgender individuals already facing disproportionate levels of discrimination, violence, and marginalization.

MPJI is demanding action to protect the rights of Black transgender people by calling for the following:

  • Commitment to the protection and safety of Black Trans People
  • Increase access to gender-affirming healthcare
  • Autonomy for trans youth, adults, and their families
  • End legislative violence against trans people

Beyond the petition, MPJI is partnering for the third consecutive year with global retailer H&M USA to co-host several events, with a portion of the proceeds from the events will be donated to MPJI to continue their work of providing relief to the Black Transgender community. In 2022 and 2021, H&M and MPJI partnered to provide Back to School makeover events for Black transgender students.

MPJI will also host a ‘Honorversary’ reception, dinner and party to celebrate and honor titans in the Black trans movement along with the MPJI’s 4th anniversary in mid-June in NYC.

A Revival of Love celebrates the interconnectedness and interdependence of all human beings, recognizing the inherent worth and dignity of Black trans people along with all people. This expression of love extends beyond the individual level and encompasses humanity as a whole, fostering a shared sense of caring, empathy, and concern for the well-being of others. Through this campaign, MPJI seeks to inspire individuals to forge authentic connections and contribute to a more loving and equitable society.

All year, MPJI continuously embodies the spirit of its namesake, Marsha P. Johnson, an icon and pioneer in the fight for transgender rights and visibility. Known for her unwavering dedication and nurturing energy, Marsha advocated tirelessly for the acceptance and human rights of transgender individuals and the LGBTQ+ community and society at large. Her activism was rooted in love, generosity, and a deep understanding of how urgent the needs to support trans people were and remains.

MPJI seeks to eradicate systemic, community, and physical violence that silences our community from actualizing freedom, joy, and safety. In part, this mission is addressed through locating culturally competent resources for basic necessities like housing, food security, legal and financial support, health/wellness, employment, social support, and more. Learn more at


Heather Hansen

Humanity Communications Collective

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