Medicube Taps YouTube Star and Beauty Expert, Tati Westbrook to Bring the Spa Experience to Your Bathroom

Westbrook Claims this K-Beauty Brand’s Clinically Tested Solutions Are Better than Botox

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Medicube, the brand bringing Korea’s world-famous aesthetician clinic treatments into the comfort of your home, is introducing their at-home skincare devices with beauty guru and YouTube icon, Tati Westbrook, in a new video showing how safe, cost-effective bathroom beauty really can be better than Botox.

After trying—and loving—Medicube’s Derma EMS Shot, (a contour restoring device that supports elasticity), and the Ussera Deep Shot, (a device that uses pulses of high frequency and ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production for plumper and younger-looking skin), Westbrook continued to incorporate the devices in her skincare regimen in place of Botox.

“I just really feel this brand has hit a homerun with at-home medical spa-type products, and they’re doing it well,” says Westbrook regarding Medicube.

While using the Derma EMS Shot on the “slim” mode, Westbrook notes the legitimacy of the clinically tested device while showcasing the intensity and efficacy of how her facial muscles contract.

Using the “up” mode, Westbrook applies a generous amount of gel to the device while moving it slower than with the slim mode while advising her fans, “By the end of the treatment, your skin looks like it just had an hour long facial. This is going to be my way of not going back to the needle.”

Westbrook recommends the Ussera Deep Shot device for anyone who has deep jowls or elasticity issues, saying, “This is a tool that will get in those deeper layers and help to promote more collagen.” She also touts the device as “One of the most exciting at-home tools that I have ever come across – point blank, period.”

The ensuring collaboration culminates in a video, featuring the two devices and four of Medicube’s powerhouse skincare products, Deep Collagen Vita Multi Serum Stick, Deep Reviving Peptide Eye Cream, Glass Glow Toner and Triple Deep Erasing Cream. As part of this partnership, Westbrook’s viewers will receive a special coupon code to save 40% on all of the Medicube products featured in her video.

Medicube, the Korean skincare brand that has gain world-wide popularity, is also on a path of catastrophic growth. As K-pop, K-beauty, K-food, and K-culture take the world by storm, Medicube strives to create more effective and innovative products for their growing international customer base. Their goal is to bring Korean technology to the world stage.


Derma EMS Shot

Designed to support elasticity, this advanced beauty device helps improve facial contour/features and appearance of lines from the inside out by gently massaging and stimulating sub-dermal muscles using medium-frequency-energy.

Ussera Deep Shot

Get premium anti-aging therapy at home. This high-tech device helps stimulate and enhance skin’s natural collagen, using dual energy to re-plump and revive skin.

Glass Glow Toner

Provides the skin with collagen and other essential nutrients to maintain long lasting skin suppleness and glow.

Triple Deep Erasing Cream

Formulated with collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, this cream helps to make the skin appear plump, keeping it hydrated so that wrinkles appear reduced.

Deep Collagen Vita Multi Serum Stick

Brightening and plumping power in a quick and easy to use, targeted treatment. Helps to fill in lines, improving the look of smile lines, crow’s feet, and neck lines and visibly brightens discoloration.

Deep Reviving Peptide Eye Cream

Formulated with a state-of-the-art peptide complex that moisturizes and helps improve the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles.


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