MessageGears Among The First To Integrate With Snowflake Cortex AI

Enables enterprise brands to auto-generate custom email and SMS content

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MessageGears, a leading data activation and engagement platform for enterprise brands, today announced a native integration with Snowflake Cortex AI, Snowflake’s fully managed large language model (LLM) and vector search service. The integration will enable enterprise brands to more quickly and efficiently leverage advanced generative AI capabilities for audiences and journeys, as well as for campaign creation, activation and measurement. MessageGears is a leader in adopting Cortex AI as one of the first customer engagement platforms to launch an integration.

“Enterprise brands have made significant investments in internal data platforms,” said Craig Pohan, Chief Technical Officer at MessageGears. “However, many find it challenging to fully use AI capabilities within a traditional SaaS model. Our unique approach to direct data access, combined with Cortex AI, enables teams to generate custom content that can instantly leverage attributes in Snowflake. It’s a game-changer for enterprises that need to act quickly once a customer engages.”

MessageGears’ integration with Snowflake Cortex AI provides advanced features and functionality for enterprise brands, such as: analysis of customer feedback sentiment, summaries of large datasets and personalized responses tailored to individual customer interactions.

The Cortex AI integration enables:

  • Advanced AI Capabilities: It includes access to features like sentiment analysis, summarization and generation of personalized responses.
  • AI Model Management: Cortex provides access to various open-source models, including Meta’s LLaMa models, Google’s models and Snowflake’s Arctic model.
  • Ease of Use: Cortex LLM functions are easy to implement via SQL, encouraging rapid adoption and experimentation with AI capabilities.
  • Scalability and Cost Management: Guidance is provided for managing costs and optimizing performance across datasets of all sizes.

Enterprises like Indeed, Chewy, and GoDaddy leverage MessageGears to maximize every customer engagement for optimal campaign performance. By integrating with Snowflake Cortex AI, MessageGears not only enhances its robust AI capabilities, but also reinforces its approach to composability. This allows businesses to seamlessly integrate and manage their data, driving more personalized and effective customer interactions.

To learn more about how MessageGears can help you leverage AI to its fullest capability, go here.

About MessageGears

MessageGears is a data activation and engagement platform that empowers enterprises to leverage their entire data set for seamless communication across multiple channels, including email, SMS, mobile and hundreds of third-party platforms. Our mission is to facilitate efficient and secure data access without the need for moving, copying or syncing. Founded with the goal of providing enterprise brands with direct access to their data, MessageGears’ composable approach eliminates latency, mitigates security risks and reduces costs associated with traditional ESPs, CDPs and marketing clouds. Leading enterprises like Indeed, Chewy and GoDaddy trust MessageGears to manage and activate their customer data across diverse tech stacks. Discover how we drive ROI here.


Andy Prince

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