Migrant Rights organization stands in solidarity with migrants in the United States

Also with migrants across the world who face racism and economic exploitation


December  18th   is  International  Migrants  Day  as  observed  by  the  United  Nations.    In the United States while many organizations observe this day, much work is needed to address the issues, struggles and attacks that  migrants, their families and their communities face.

As we observe this day, it is important to remember that many migrants in the United States represent people of African descent who have endured multiple migrations throughout the centuries created by colonialist economic oppression and political terror. Many migrants of African descent in the U.S. continue to operate within the margins of U.S. society, rendered invisible both in their countries of origin as well as in the United States and even within the immigrant rights movement.

The Latin American and Caribbean Community Center would like to encourage everyone to take a close look at race and racism and the role that it plays as a driving force in global migration and, even more importantly, the role that it plays within our own migrant communities domestically.  This will allow us to “see” the struggles and plights of certain groups like our Haitian brothers and sisters, the numerous Caribbean men and women that face unjust trials and convictions that end up in the deportation of long-term residents for increasingly minor crimes and the plight of  numerous African descent hotel and domestic workers who are denied  their basic human rights.

The mission of the Latin American and Caribbean Community Center (LACCC) is to empower the marginalized  communities  and  people  of Latin  America  and  the Caribbean  who  reside  in the United  States  so  that  they  may  assert  their  economic,  political,  environmental,  cultural  and social rights www.lacccenter.org


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