The digital news site Metro Latino USA was founded in 2007 to fill an information need in relation to the achievements and challenges of the Latino community in the Washington DC area and in the United States.

Vision: Empowering the community based on equal opportunities, participation and integration into society to achieve a prosperous life.

Mission: Facilitating electronic tools to journalists, customers and readers to empower them to make the right decisions in the areas of economy, culture, and political participation.

Values: Honesty, transparency, accountability, social responsibility, teamwork, innovation and action as part of a culture of change in a diverse society.


Santiago David Távara

ML News - Team

  • Ramón Jiménez, Editor in Chief
  • Lenin Nolly, Photojournalist / Photo Editor
  • Juan Hidalgo, Writer
  • Alejandro Román, New York-New Jersey Editor
  • Roberto Bustamante, US Correspondent
  • Reinaldo Escobar, International Editor
  • Shirley Tejada, Latin America Editor
  • Silvia Marisol Quispe Bautista, Peru Correspondent


  • Yenny Delgado
  • Isaac Cohen
  • Yanko Farias
  • Grego Pineda
  • Teresa Gurza
  • Prof. Norberto