OAS : Honduras for March 14 Primary Elections

OAS Sends Team of Experts to Honduras for March 14 Primary Elections

The Organization of American States (OAS) will send a team of experts to the Republic of Honduras to observe the primary elections that will take place on March 14, in which the political parties Partido Nacional (PN), Partido Liberal (PL), and Partido Libertad y Refundación (LIBRE) will elect the candidates that will compete in the general elections to be held on November 28.

The technical team will be made up of four people who will arrive in Honduras beginning on March 10 and whose objective will be to observe the electoral organization and logistics of the internal elections, as well as compliance with the legal and regulatory dispositions that govern the process. Among them, the team will analyze the principle of parity and the mechanism of alternation.

During its stay in Honduras, the technical team will also meet with the National Electoral Council and the Court of Electoral Justice, institutions created following the approval of the constitutional reforms of 2019, to learn about the preparations and expectations for the process and the planning ahead of the November elections. On the day of the elections, team members will observe the voting process and the vote count in the three internal processes.

The information gathered by the team will be included in the final report that will be presented after the general elections in November.

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