Peruvian Immigrant, Slams Trump with a Satirical Song.

San Francisco.- Peruvian Immigrant, poet and singer Homero Oyarce released this month a song and parody “Mr. Rump, the Pumpkin Charlatan” using his talent as a form of protest against the hate fueled, anti-immigrant rhetoric being driven by leading Presidential candidates in the 2016 election.

«The song reflects the concern that many voters feel today. American Presidential candidates  are not representing the values of the voters they seek to represent. We find their sentiments to be Anti-american, and the repercussions of their rhetoric to be catastrophic. As a voter and artist I refuse take this threat to our democracy sitting down.” said Oyarce.

«We need to be vigilant and respond intelligently and firmly against the aggression of  extremists such as the ones fueling this wave of anti-immigrant hate we are being drowned by today. This land was formed by immigrants and to them we owe our success. This satirical song helps fulfill our responsibility as citizens to push back against the agents of hate who are threatening this legacy” said Oyarce.

Homero Oyarce, poet, writer, and Peruvian singer, was born in the village of Chilingote, in Amazonian Rain forest of Peru. He has toured extensively throughout Europe and America, has numerous recordings. He is a published poet and novelist and Founder of Club Amazonas-USA which brings free medical care to thousands of people in remote areas of Peru. He is the President of Defensa Amazonica, an environmental organization which organizes on behalf of environmental causes Peruvian-Americans in the United States care about. He has resided in the United States for the past  27 years as an American citizen.


Twitter: @homerooyarce

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