Pioneer High Income Fund, Inc. Filed a Prospectus Supplement to Its “Shelf” Registration Statement

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pioneer High Income Fund, Inc. (NYSE: PHT), a diversified closed-end fund (the “Fund”), has announced that it filed a prospectus supplement to its “shelf” registration statement for $55 million in common shares with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The prospectus supplement enables the Fund to sell from time to time, in one or more at-the-market offerings, the Fund’s common shares up to a total amount of $55 million. The filing will allow the Fund to offer these registered securities when market conditions are considered favorable.

Common shares of the Fund will only be issued utilizing the shelf registration when the premium to net asset value (“NAV”) is greater than the costs associated with the transaction. There can be no guarantee that the Fund will engage in any sales or any particular level of sales of common shares, if shares are offered. Any proceeds raised would be used for investment purposes.

An investor should read the Fund’s prospectus and the applicable prospectus supplement carefully before investing in the Fund. The Fund’s shares may be offered directly to one or more purchasers, through agents designated from time to time by the Fund, or to or through underwriters or dealers. The prospectus supplement relating to any offering will identify any agents, underwriters or dealers involved in the sale of Fund shares, and will set forth any applicable purchase price, fee, commission or discount arrangement between the Fund and its agents or underwriters, or among the Fund’s underwriters, or the basis upon which such amount may be calculated. The Fund’s shares may not be sold through agents, underwriters or dealers without delivery of a prospectus supplement, if and when available, describing the method and terms of the particular offering of Fund shares.


Pioneer High Income Fund, Inc. is a closed-end investment company traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol PHT.

Keep in mind, distribution rates are not guaranteed. A fund’s distribution rate may be affected by numerous factors, including changes in actual or projected investment income, the level of undistributed net investment income, if any, and other factors. Shareholders should not draw any conclusions about a fund’s investment performance based on a fund’s current distributions. Closed-end funds, unlike open-end funds, are not continuously offered. Once issued, common shares of closed-end funds are bought and sold in the open market through a stock exchange and frequently trade at prices lower than their net asset value. Net Asset Value (NAV) is total assets less total liabilities divided by the number of common shares outstanding. For performance data on Amundi US’ closed-end funds, please call 800-225-6292 or visit our closed-end pricing page.

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  1. Source: IPE “Top 500 Asset Managers” published in June 2021, based on assets under management as of 12/31/2020
  2. Boston, Dublin, London, Milan, Paris, and Tokyo
  3. Amundi data as of 9/30/21

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