Plinqit Experiences Strong Growth and Helps Banks Grow Deposits, Supported by Praxent

Partnership helps financial institutions accelerate digital initiatives, boosting deposit acquisition

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Plinqit, the first platform that brings together automated savings, data-driven financial wellness content and virtual account management, has recently experienced significant growth as more financial institutions look to technology to help customers save and grow. The company has partnered with Praxent, a financial services digital consulting and development firm, to help power this ongoing momentum.

Michigan-based Plinqit helps banks and credit unions generate deposits, attract new customers, and expand their retail footprint. To further this mission, the company recently launched a High-Yield Savings solution that allows banks to offer high-growth deposits on a scalable platform with low operating costs, enabling them to try out a digital bank brand for a fraction of the investment. The company partnered with Praxent to augment its product team with UX design and engineering talent, highly specialized in digital banking, helping keep up with demand and quickly co-create market-leading digital experiences for clients.

“As the battle for deposits persists, our High-Yield Savings solution helps banks better compete and retain relevance,” said Kathleen Craig, founder and CEO of Plinqit. “We deliver above and beyond for every client, and we expect our partners to meet the same standards. That is why we joined forces with Praxent; the Praxent team shares our intense commitment to delivering successful outcomes for each institution and end user.”

“Plinqit is delivering an innovative solution for banks looking to acquire new deposits and grow – an especially timely mission,” said Tim Hamilton, CEO and founder of Praxent. “We are proud to support Plinqit with our team of experts, bringing deep knowledge and a broad skillset that the fintech, their clients and end users can count on.”

About Praxent

Praxent is a financial services digital consulting and engineering firm. We help our clients command their future and reach their growth goals by delivering on their digital experience roadmaps. Specializing in end-to-end digital transformation, our team’s industry experience and CANDO culture help our clients work with their legacy systems to launch bespoke digital experiences that serve their customers better than their competitors.

About Plinqit

Plinqit is a mobile-first platform and fintech company helping banks and credit unions generate deposits, attract new customers, and expand their retail footprint while helping people live their best financial life. The Plinqit platform is the first savings platform of its kind to bring together automated savings, data-driven financial wellness content, and virtual account management. At Plinqit, we’re helping everyone Money Intelligently™. For more information, visit


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