PSL Statement: The genocide begins again – Rise up for Gaza!

Photo: Shut It Down for Palestine protesters march in New York City on November 24


The Israeli war machine has resumed its all-out assault on Gaza, bringing an end to the temporary “pause” that was put in place last week. Now is the time to take to the streets with more intensity than ever before to stop Biden and Netanyahu’s genocide!

Hundreds more civilians have already been massacred today amid a merciless Israeli attack by air, land and sea. And the bullets, missiles and bombs being used in this slaughter are paid for by the U.S. government. The Biden administration has blood on its hands. Without the military, financial and diplomatic backing of the U.S. empire, the Israeli apartheid regime would never be able to carry out a crime of this magnitude.

The “pause” ended just hours after Secretary of State Antony Blinken joined a meeting of Israel’s war cabinet. Although he mouthed some empty phrases about protecting civilians, Blinken gave his full backing to Israel’s war aim of destroying Gaza’s ability to resist. Like all war criminals in history, he framed this genocide as “self-defense.”

We look forward to the day when Blinken, Biden, Netanyahu and all the other war criminals are brought to justice. In a just world, they would be put on trial in a Palestinian court so the survivors of the genocide can decide their fate.

But the greatest justice of all will be a free Palestine. International solidarity will be key in the days ahead. The scale of the U.S.-Israeli atrocities has shocked the conscience of the world. We need to be in a constant state of mobilization to stand with the Palestinian people against this genocidal siege and against the occupation. Any institution that invests in Israel and any powerful individual who gives political cover to the apartheid regime should be confronted anywhere and everywhere – business as usual cannot go on while Palestinians are being massacred. Emergency protests are taking place across the country today and tomorrow, and on December 8 the movement to Shut It Down for Palestine will have its next global day of action.

The heroism of the Palestinian people amid this onslaught is unparalleled. Despite the brutal bombardment, invasion and siege, the will to fight for freedom is as strong as ever. The idea that Israel will destroy Gaza’s capacity to resist and force the people to abandon their homes is just a fantasy – Palestine will win!

Want to take a stand for Palestine in your area? We can help! Contact a PSL organizer here


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