PureTech Scientific’s Biodegradable Disinfectant Formula, Glyclean® Broad Spectrum Disinfectant and Cleaner, Receives EPA Registration

Formulation approved for hospital-grade disinfecting and cleaning applications

BELLE, W.Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PureTech Scientific LLC, a global leader in glycolic acid synthesis and technology, is excited to announce on Earth Day 2024 that its Glyclean® D70-based Broad Spectrum Disinfectant and Cleaner (BSD) formulation has been EPA-approved as a hospital-grade, one-step cleaning and disinfection formulation for use on hard surfaces. The Glyclean BSD formula is available for immediate sub-registration and commercial development.

PureTech Scientific’s innovative team designed Glyclean BSD from the ground up to be a cost-effective, biodegradable, and safer option for customers who want an alternative to more hazardous “quat” (quaternary ammonium surfactant) or bleach-based formulas. This hospital-grade formulation is based upon Glyclean D70, an EPA-registered active ingredient in formulating liquid, non-porous hard surface disinfectants on household, industrial, institutional, or commercial premises. The Glyclean D70 ingredient is based upon PureTech Scientific’s nature-identical glycolic acid. Natural sources of glycolic acid are found in fruits and vegetables.

Glyclean BSD is an extremely simple, stable, and straightforward formulation: glycolic acid, alkylpolyglucoside surfactant, and water, with the final product adjusted to pH of 2.0. There are options for dyes and fragrance, but they are not needed for customers wanting a “free and clear” formulation design. The formulation is fully biodegradable, non-VOC contributing (glycolic acid is VOC exempt in the state of California), SARS-Cov-2 approved, and carries the hospital-grade disinfectant claim.

“We’re proud of this significant milestone from the EPA that validates our commitment to developing sustainable, effective, and safer disinfectant solutions,” said Jeff Horsager, EVP of Business Development and Marketing at PureTech Scientific. “As we celebrate Earth Day, this achievement shows our dedication to developing eco-conscious solutions for a more sustainable world. We look forward to expanding access to this environmentally friendly formulation and working with new partners to bring it to market.”

Glyclean BSD is approved for a wide range of applications and surfaces. It is an optimal choice for educational and healthcare facilities seeking a cost-effective, one-step solution for cleaning and disinfecting.

In today’s changing and challenging regulatory environment, the demand for alternative disinfectants is growing. Glyclean D70 is the active ingredient that customers can have confidence in future-proofing their formulation. Unlike with quats, there is no identified pathway to organism resistance via glycolic acid. A quat’s only pathway to killing organisms is through cell lysis. Glyclean D70 effectively neutralizes harmful organisms through three primary mechanisms: inducing cell lysis, denaturing cellular proteins, and disrupting the ion exchange processes essential for cell viability.

Cleaning habits have also changed since the COVID-19 pandemic with companies across nearly all industries and sizes implementing new cleaning protocols. This surge in disinfection use has raised concerns, making Glyclean BSD an ideal formulation for maintenance and janitorial staff at facilities like assisted living centers, outpatient care centers, schools, the hospitality industry, and cruise lines that look for safe and effective disinfectants.

PureTech Scientific is working directly with Innovasource, a division of Energizer, as they develop new products utilizing Glyclean D as an active ingredient. Innovasource is known for its innovative and effective products for consumers, commercial, and industrial applications.

Andy Fay, Business Director at Innovasource, said: “The Glyclean D active family line enables a new generation of disinfection formulations tested and proven for their cleaning properties across a broad range of substrates and applications. We look forward to launching consumer- and earth-friendly products that stand up to residue tests and provide peace of mind.”

In response to the growing demand from consumers and end-users for sustainable products, it is important to note that ~50% of the raw materials used in the synthesis of PureTech Glyclean D are now from biobased sources.

Glyclean D is the only glycolic acid made in the United States and is a globally available disinfection active ingredient for purchase and use. For more information on sub-registering with Glyclean D, please visit GlycleanD.com.

About PureTech Scientific LLC

Headquartered in Belle, West Virginia, PureTech Scientific is the global leader in organic synthesis of ultra-high purity glycolic acid products for the Life Science and Specialty Chemical industries, and the sole manufacturer in the Americas. With over 85 years of operating experience and an ongoing commitment to sustainability, we are dedicated to delivering world-class products, innovations, and customer support for a healthier and safer world. For more information, visit puretechscientific.com.




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