We cannot allow the court to take away DACA

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DACA is one of the few programs that protect our undocumented community members.

But here’s the thing, a lot of legalese is thrown around when talking about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, DACA, that can make it hard to understand what exactly is going on.

First, there is the Texas case where federal District Court Judge Andrew Hanen ruled DACA illegal, denying tens of thousands of people the ability to apply for DACA for the first time — and putting nearly 800,000 more at risk of losing their status. That cruel and legally flawed decision was appealed to the Fifth Circuit and CASA was there in New Orleans, Louisiana last month for the oral arguments in the case, raising our voices to demand justice for all DACA-eligible community members.

(If you missed that, see how the day went here or watch the exact moment DACA holder CASA members and other DACA holders left the court room after the hearing.)

Second, there is the the New York case where another federal judge, Judge Nicholas Garaufis, recently declined to force the government to decide on the more than 92,000 applications that have been sitting waiting for over a year because of Judge Hanen’s ruling.

Third, and finally, the DACA program has been going through an administrative rulemaking process, which could again reopen the program for new applicants — but this process may still prove to be superseded by the courts.

All in all, we are expecting decisions soon. And to be frank, CASA members with DACA have too much at stake to just sit on the sideline while their rights get litigated. DACA holders work, study, and live in our communities. They live out their lives, take care of their families, pursue their dreams all with the mental burden of wondering “what will happen to DACA?”

Until, and after, these decisions on DACA are announced, we’ll keep organizing, signing petitions, pressuring lawmakers to take action, and showing up when it matters. You can stay up to date on the latest for DACA by following CASA on social media.

When DACA is under attack, we stand up and fight back!

In Solidarity,

Guastavo Torres,

Executive Director, CASA


In Solidarity,  
Gustavo Torres,

Executive Director, CASA




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