XAP Corporation to Build New Work-Based Learning Module for RUReady.ND.gov to Benefit Students and Workforce Development

CULVER CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education (NDCTE) is pleased to announce the development of a new Work-Based Learning Module for RUReady.ND (RUReady.ND.gov), the statewide college and career readiness solution powered by industry leader, XAP Corporation (XAP). North Dakota-based Golden Path Solutions, which provides an innovative workforce platform that matches employers with students, is partnering with XAP to deliver the solution for North Dakota.

High-quality work-based learning offers students the opportunity to experience careers first-hand, where they gain better understanding of their aptitudes, interests, and skills – leading to higher graduation rates, better academic outcomes, and increased engagement. Connecting learning to the world of work sets students up for success as they navigate high school and pursue postsecondary credentials. Plus, work-based learning experiences give students the opportunity to strengthen key employability skills, including critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and taking initiative.

The benefits of work-based learning extend far beyond the student and the classroom. Many employers recognize that attracting and developing young talent supports workforce development needs and helps local economies prosper. By participating in work-based learning opportunities, employers can help bridge the gap between school and the workforce.

Recognizing the need to improve students’ access to work-based learning opportunities, NDCTE is working with XAP to build the right tools for ND educators to maintain and grow engaging work-based learning programs. “North Dakota Career and Technical Education is a key player in the delivery of work-based learning programs,” said Wayde Sick, State Director of North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education. “We are eager to continue enhancing and growing opportunities for work-based learning for our students and by integrating a work-based learning module into RUReady.ND, we believe we can better connect students to employers while streamlining program overhead for educators.”

“We are very excited to develop this innovative Work-Based Learning Module to serve the students, school administrators and employers of North Dakota,” said Eddie Monnier, Chief Executive Officer of XAP Corporation. “Working together with NDCTE and our partner Golden Path Solutions, this module will enhance RUReady.ND to help students find their best-fit career choice, while also supporting workforce development needs in the state.”

“RUReady.ND has been used successfully for many years by schools across the state,” said Patrick Mineer, CEO of Golden Path Solutions. “We are committed to helping NDCTE and XAP deliver an important enhancement by fostering connections between employers, schools and students. Through this partnership, we can extend our employers’ abilities to connect with students both through work-based learning opportunities and educating students on careers at these companies. With NDCTE and XAP, we can help students across the state gain valuable experience to help them choose their career paths and potentially connect with employers who need them for their future workforce.”

When launched later in 2022, the new RUReady.ND Work-Based Learning Module will allow students to explore and match with work-based learning opportunities, then document their successful experiences. Educators will gain efficiencies in managing work-based learning opportunities’ data and processes related to student applications and reviews. Employers will be able to independently enter and manage their own work-based learning opportunities for students, expanding on the scope of opportunities available for North Dakota schools.

About XAP Corporation

XAP is the industry leader in providing students and adults with online tools to explore careers and discover, plan, and apply to colleges and universities. XAP’s products are used by thousands of K-12 institutions, colleges, universities, and the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA).

Visit xap.com to learn more or contact Simone Swett, Sales Operations Manager, 800-468-6927. ext. 4321.

About Golden Path Solutions

Golden Path Solutions is a North Dakota company that helps unlock a student’s natural talent and match that talent with employers who need it. Their application, Compass, uses a student’s experiences in high school along with a skills assessment to suggest careers. At the same time, Golden Path works directly with employers to build career profiles to educate students on what they do, and has options to match students to employers for work agreements and tuition reimbursement.

If you are interested in learning more about Golden Path Solutions, please contact Patrick Mineer at 701-866-2620, or go to www.goldenpath.net, Facebook, or LinkedIn to learn more.


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