Activists Take Over Senate Office

Senator Cruz harms Republican Party with anti-immigrant votes.
(Washington, DC) – This Wednesday at 12:30 pm, faith leaders, human rights activists, and dozens of immigrant families from Texas and around the nation visited Senator Ted Cruz to deliver our demands in support of the immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.
“Unfortunately, Ted Cruz does not understand the hopes and dreams and struggles of the people he is supposed to represent.” Said Fernando Garcia, Executive Director of the Border Network for Human Rights. “Voting to destroy the pathway to citizenship is not what undocumented Texans and their U.S. Citizen family members and friends deserve.”
During the Senate Judiciary Committee vote, Senator Ted Cruz has opposed a pathway to citizenship and the DREAM Act, while seeking to increase the already out-of-control enforcement of our border– a combination of positions that worsens the crisis that so many Americans want to solve. With these actions Senator Ted Cruz alienates the growing Latino community in Texas and puts the future of the Texas Republican Party in jeopardy.
“Texans are deeply disappointed that neither Senator Cornyn or Senator Cruz stood with Texas families in supporting citizenship,” said Mr. Garcia. “Latino voters will remember the day that our senators voted against the American dream for our communities.”
At Cruz’s office, 150 people took over the space for more than an hour. During what activists titled an “Immigrant Family Reunion,” faith leaders read prayers, families described harrowing tales of suffering, and community leaders read litanies of electoral successes in 2012 ascribable to immigrant voter activism. The DC action took place as Texans simultaneously performed a cross-Texas press conference condemning the votes of both Cruz and Cornyn

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