AFL-CIO Launches Newly Redesigned “En Español” Webpage

They also launched YouTube Latino Channel
New website and YouTube channel part of an unprecedented effort by the labor movement to reach Latinos online

(Washington, DC, March 1) –  The AFL-CIO is launching a new, redesigned “En Español” website as part of a continuous effort to engage with bilingual Latinos and provide useful information about workplace rights and ways to improve their standards of living.

The new webpage, which is part of a newly redesigned AFL-CIO site, is more user-friendly for workers, activists, elected officials and reporters. It will integrate access to social media tools, including a new YouTube Latino channel and will be updated with new stories and issues important to Latino families. The new website also includes resources and relevant information on workplace rights, Latino union members, immigration, the labor movement’s work in Latin America, and new alliances with low-wage worker groups and worker centers.

Last summer, the AFL-CIO launched its @AFLCIOenEspanol Twitter account and a bilingual AFL-CIO Latino Facebook page. With the launch of this website and YouTube channel, the AFL-CIO will use the most popular social media tools and a cutting-edge website dedicated to reach bilingual Latinos to inform them of their rights.

“Since becoming Secretary-Treasurer, I have committed to making the labor movement more available and open to all working people,” said AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Liz Shuler.  “I believe to be relevant and part of the conversation in this day and age we need to do things differently. The goal of the AFL-CIO’s new website, which includes a top-notch Spanish-language webpage, is to not only be a resource for working family issues, but to provide an online forum and showcase working families and union members in a new and nontraditional way.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Latinos are expected to account for 74 percent of the growth in the U.S. labor force over the next eight years. Many are not getting the information they need about workers’ rights and are also the lowest paid, face a higher rate of wage theft, and endure more dangerous working conditions than any other group.

At the same time, more Latinos are getting online to communicate and to search for information.  It is estimated that 85 percent of U.S. born Latinos- ages 16 and older- and 51 percent of foreign-born Latinos spend time online.

With the new “En Español” site and with social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Twitter, the AFL-CIO hopes to keep informing, educating and empowering all Latino workers.


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