America’s Voice: GOP Candidates Remain Stuck in the Past

A growing number of Democratic candidates are embracing the new paradigm on immigration, while Republicans remain stuck in the old way of thinking.

According to Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director ofAmerica’s Voice, “It’s refreshing to see Democrats like Heinrich, Carmona, andBerkleylean into this issue and push common sense immigration solutions.  It’s depressing to see their Republican rivals stuck in the past.  They just don’t get that the new immigration paradigm.  Latino voters want respect, and all voters want solutions.  Right now, the GOP position offers neither.”

As America’s Voice has highlighted, the old conventional wisdom on the politics of immigration held that the issue was among the third rails of American politics and was best avoided—it was considered politically dangerous for candidates to stake out a clear pro-immigrant position and politically smart for candidates to try to out-do each other about who would build the higher fence.

But the new reality of immigration politics stands this old conventional wisdom on its head.  As President Obama demonstrated by with his plan to stop the deportation of DREAMers, taking affirmative and bold action mobilizes Latino and other pro-immigrant voters, isolates anti-immigration restrictionists, and tells swing voters that you are willing to lead on this issue.

Concluded Tramonte, “While the GOP seems to grasp the importance of Latino voters, they unfortunately seem more intent on suppressing Latino turnout than changing their positions on immigration reform.”

In the coming weeks, America’s Voice will fact sheets highlighting the Latino vote and the role of immigration in key 2012 battleground states.  Check out our first installment about Nevadahere: Spotlight on Nevada: Immigration, Latino Voters, and the 2012 Elections.

Source: America’s Voice

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