Argentine Protesters Reject IMF Debt and Demand Relief from Soaring Prices

Photo: courtesy of Democracy Now!

In Argentina, thousands took to the streets of Buenos Aires recently to protest the country’s soaring living and food costs. They’re demanding the government of President Alberto Fernández improve social aid programs, and have spoken out against Argentina’s repayment of a $44 billion debt with the International Monetary Fund, which they say largely burdens the people. This is one of the protesters.

Nahuel Orellana: “Today more than 300,000 people are going to be in the Plaza de Mayo to demand of the national government that there be no more hunger, no more misery. We want genuine work, a living wage equal to the basic food basket. We clearly say no to the International Monetary Fund and no to the foreign debt payment.”

The protest in Buenos Aires came just days after President Alberto Fernández announced he will seek reelection in 2023.

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