Cameroon has received Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation!

Photo: courtesy of CASA

After a long fought battle, CASA, along with our partners and allies across the country, were successful in securing TPS for the estimated 40,000 Cameroonians in the United States.

Read CASA’s Full Statement on the TPS for Cameroon Victory
In reaction to the news that broke Friday, Austen, a Cameroonian immigrant and CASA community organizer, said:

“For so long in this country there has been a disparity concerning black immigrants. Many among them were not as lucky as I was in escaping the violence back home. TPS for Cameroon is an opportunity to protect others like me that went through similar or worse situations,» they said.

«We may have won TPS for Cameroon today, but the world needs to remember that our families are still back home. Remember we have Cameroonians and others who were deported into very zones without fair trials in their deportation proceedings. This TPS would have safe lives if it would have been given earlier, though it is better late than never. The fight to protect black immigrants is just beginning,” they pointed out.

We celebrate this major victory as we continue to call upon the Biden-Harris administration to provide protection for all people in search of safety and ensure the elimination of all forms of oppression and marginalization, especially of black migrants.

In solidarity,


Gustavo Torres

Executive Director, CASA


Gustavo Torres

Executive Director, CASA

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