Dreamers Denounce Craig Romney’s “deceptive” dialogue with Latinos in Colorado

Lakewood,CO– To pivot to Latinos, Mitt Romney has tried pretty much everything: endorsing a watered-down version of the DREAM Act such as only supporting legal status for undocumented youth who serve in the military; sending out Craig Romney to speak Spanish on television; and emphasizing his public school policies.  Now, attempting to Etch-A-Sketch his way out of yet another bad situation, he’s sending Craig Romney again along with Congressman Labrador to speak his appeals inColorado.

But no matter who Mitt Romney sends, what is clear is that the Romney/Ryan plan will hurt Latino families and Latino youth regardless whether they are documented or not. Craig’s trip toColoradowill involve yet another superficial and deceptive “dialogue” with Latinos.

On his real immigration record, he promised to veto the DREAM Act and encouraged SB1070 as a “model for the nation”. He supports “self-deportation,» basically cutting basic necessities like water and making life so difficult for Latino immigrant families that they will pick up and leave.  He has surrounded himself with anti-immigrant hawks. «The fact that he has accepted endorsements from Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Sheriff Arpaio, and Kris Kobach, architect of SB1070, show Romney is not only anti-immigrant but also that he endorses their efforts to discriminate against Latinos», said Isaias Vasquez, an undocumented youth from Denver .

Romney’s education plan involved packing more students into the classrooms.  His plan was instantly rejected by teachers. Craig’s Spanish may be fluent, but every time he airs a campaign ad he fails to explain his father’s position, specifically on immigration, which Romney will try to ignore and one we DREAMers will not.

Although Romney and Paul Ryan continually push themselves as champions of the middle class, they want to cut Medicare programs that the middle class and Latinos have come to rely upon.  Further, Mitt has made a career out of evading taxes, refusing to release his tax records no matter how badly it plays out in the media. Although Romney/Ryan claim that they will fulfill the promise to seniors currently on Medicare, there are many middle-class soon-to-be Latino seniors that wouldn’t mind having an insurance program instead of finding themselves an 80-year-old grandmother with a coupon being left to fend for themselves in a predatory free market that doesn’t care if she lives or dies.

InColorado, we will be seeing yet more of the same: vague policies from a nominee who is trying to push a extreme platform.  No matter how many of Romney’s handsome sons work on the Spanish accent, it won’t make a difference to Latino voters. Romney does not have a messaging problem, it’s the message itself.


Source: DRM Capitol Group 

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