Dreamers launch video to motivate Latino Voters

With both parties charging full speed ahead, the Su Voz Mi Voto campaign is keeping pace, releasing new material to help relate the plight of undocumented immigrants to voters, especially Latino voters, in time to make a difference by November.  This latest video featured Erika Andiola, and undocumented immigrant, alongside registered voters who descended from immigrants.

Watch video here.

“America’s been built from the dreams of the less fortunate” the video starts, with speakers who came from different waves of immigration alluded to their own racial history of ancestors who came as slaves, workers, and people who were desperate to improve their lot in a way they could not back home. “15 years ago, I left my home inMexicoin search of a better life”  said Erika Andiola, with the other narrators chiming in about different aspects of the immigrant experience.  “I may not have a vote, but I have a voice” Erika continued.

To complement their campaign, Dreamers ask voters to take a stand and register to vote online through their website. The campaign has a goal of registering 2000 Dream voters in Arizona, New York, Texas, Maryland and New Mexico to not only increase the voter turnout, but to demonstrate the support that voters have for Dreamer rights.

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